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Dräger workshop accessories

Dräger offers a large selection of accessories. Each product helps make the required work even easier.

Compressed-air manifold

With the swiveling compressed-air manifold, you can pressurize the lung demand valves during manual cleaning, disinfection and rinsing. This prevents water, detergents, disinfectants and dirt from entering the pneumatic system. You can connect up to eight devices simultaneously to the stainless steel safety couplings.

Metering devices

The DG1 is a stationary metering device for disinfectants. This admixture device for disinfectant offers protection against the backflow of disinfectant into the drinking water mains network. It offers a precise automatic metering of the disinfectant to be added in proportion to the water volume flowing thru it. The required quantities can be adjusted. For personal hygiene a triple wall dispenser for Manisoft®, Skinman® soft and Silonda® Lipid is provided.

Transport trolley

The transport trolley serves the transportation of respiratory equipment. The trolley is supplied with three level floor plates. The base is equipped with four steering rollers, two of which are adjustable. Upon request the trolley is also available with a plastic tray to transport chemical protection suits or batch deliveries.

Protection and storage bags

For the ideal storage and transportation of the protective equipment there exists a multitude of cleaning, storage and transport sleeves, for example the wash and storage bags for respiratory masks and compressed air breathing apparatus. For chemical protection suits we offer a storage and transport sleeve as well as a visor protection hood for machine cleaning.

Pneumatic clamping device

For the safe clamping of respiratory equipment cylinders from steel and composite materials there is the pneumatic clamping device. It secures breathing air cylinders with a diameter between 80 and 220 millimeters with the specified torque whilst the cylinder valves are screwed in or out. The cylinders are easily held in place via rack rails – no additional tools are required. The clamping pressure is indicated on a manometer. To assure every operator that the setting is correct, the clamping forces for steel and composite cylinders have been preset.

Cylinder trolley

The cylinder trolley is made from chrome nickel steel and provides safe transportation of compressed air cylinders. Its reinforced base and two spacing screens allow for the optimum positioning of the cylinders. With its four steering rollers – two of which are adjustable – it moves with great ease. Dependent on equipment, the cylinder trolley can be loaded with 12 to 24 compressed air cylinders.

Drip device

With the drip device masks and other rebreather components can be suspended above the rinsing cabinet system. It consists of four rails with five hooks each and can be wall-mounted. Upon request the device is supplied with retaining clips to suspend the devices from the filter connection. Chemical protection suits can be dried on wall holders. The chemical protection suits can also be dried by a fan in a short period of time using a special frame.

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