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Respiratory Protective Equipment - People wearing respiratory protective equipment masks

Respiratory Protective Equipment

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Respiratory protective equipment that keeps you safe

In many industrial facilities, hazardous substances cannot be completely eliminated even with the implementation of the hierarchy of control. Employees must work in such areas where hazardous substances are present, or where the level of oxygen and the amount of toxic substances may change at any time. If these contaminants are inhaled, it can affect the lungs or cause a variety of occupational illness – and in extremely cases, can even lead to death.  In any location where hazardous substances pose a threat or make safe breathing difficult, we need reliable, effective respiratory protection. Dräger designs respiratory protection devices in line with our Technology for Life philosophy and with user comfort in mind. No matter the scenario, Dräger products keeps people safe.

If you need help in choosing the right respiratory protection, we are recommending you explore the World of Respiratory Protection. You already know what kind of respiratory protection you need? Then choose directly from the different categories.


Disposable Masks (FFP1 & FFP2)

Dräger offer a wide range of disposable masks for protection against fine dusts, solid and liquid particles. EN FFP (FFP1, FFP2 & FFP3*) & NIOSH N95* protection classes are available based on certain models.

*EN FFP3 and NIOSH N95 is not approved under AS/NZS 1716:2012 standard.

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Half Mask Respirators

Dräger half face masks are designed for long wearing comfort. Whether you’re looking for a single-filter or twin-filter half mask, Dräger have the right respiratory protection solution for you. Be protected against particles, gases and vapours – when combined with a suitable breathing filter.

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Full Face Masks

Dräger offers a wide variety of full face masks for all applications across different segments. Dräger full face masks offers optimal safety and great comfort in environments that present extremely dangerous situations and a wide variety of hazardous chemicals.

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Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR)

Powered Air Purifying Respirators are battery operated devices drawing in the ambient air and passing it through a filter into the headpiece – giving you filtered air without any breathing resistance. These respirators can be worn for longer periods of time and enable the user to breathe freely during demanding tasks. There are various filters and headpieces to choose from, depending upon the application and protection level.

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Respiratory protection devices with filters

Respiratory filters

Selection of the correct respiratory filter is important to protect against the harmful substances in the ambient air. We offer a variety of particle, gas and combination filters, to protect against multiple hazardous substances. Dräger filters are interchangeable with half- and full-face masks. Find out more about the different filter classes, filter types and typical applications on the following page.

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Self-contained breathing apparatuses

Isolation devices provide reliable breathing protection on work sites where hazardous substances may exist, or with low oxygen level. Our light compressed-air breathing apparatuses are suitable for short periods of use and even as rescue device in emergencies. For long-term use e.g. fire fighters can choose from wide range of components for SCBA's.

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Breathing protection basic knowledge about compress air systems

Airline and compressed air systems

Airline and compressed air systems are portable breathing apparatuses supplying the wearer with breathing air via a pressurised air system connected by a hose. Airline devices create virtually no breathing resistance and are therefore also suitable for long-term use.

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Escape equipment

Rescue and Escape Equipment

In emergency situations such as a fire or gas leak, you need quick access to safe breathing air. Escape devices, such as escape hoods, ensure reliable breathing protection against hazards for a certain amount of time so that you can make your way to an exit. We also offer self-contained escape devices independent from the ambient air delivering safe, breathable air for your escape.

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World of respiratory protection

Do you need more information to choose the right respiratory protective equipment?

We guide you through the different types of RPE and help you to select the right type. You also get to know how to safely use respiratory protection equipment. Learn more about air pollution at the workplace and why it is important to protect yourself.

Behind the scenes in our workshop

Dräger Production Site for respiratory masksPlay video

Solutions for extreme situations

Every day, countless rescue workers put their lives in our hands. They work with our respiratory protection equipment in the most extreme situations. At Dräger, we take our responsibility seriously, at every stage of our production process.

Steel Hamster’s WheelPlay video

How safety comes to life: Behind the scenes in our workshop

When the going gets tough, firefighters need a safe supply of breathable air. At the Dräger production site in northern England, heavy respiratory protection technologies are developed and produced for the entire world, from individual components to complete products.

Knowledge to go

Introduction to respiratory protection
Introduction to respiratory protection handbook

This handbook teaches you all the basics of respiratory protection.

Light respiratory protection
Introduction to light respiratory protection

Learn more about light respiratory protection, when to use it and how it can provide the most effective protection.

Heavy respiratory protection

This handbook teaches you when to use heavy respiratory protection and how it can best be used to protect you.

Why you should choose respiratory protection from Dräger

History of respiratory protection expertise

Over 100 years of respiratory protection expertise

"Model 1903" was the name of the first "Dräger breathing apparatus", invented at the beginning of the 20th century to supply miners with oxygen in case of accidents. Its successor model, the "1904/09", invented just three years later, saved 600 lives during a mining accident in Courrieres, France. We have been a force for innovation within the industry ever since, continuously developing our respiratory protection products.


The environment matters to us

To protect the environment, we abide by sustainable production processes that conserve resources. This has enabled us to significantly reduce water consumption in our production in recent years. Our respiratory protection filters feature absorption media made from charcoal that is 95% derived from coconut shells.

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