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All about Smart Safety

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Smart Safety – connected safety solutions

Dräger has over 130 years’ experience in helping our customers stay committed to safe, reliable operations. We turn technology into smart solutions for life, so that work processes are more efficient, and people can go home safe and sound after their working day.

With Smart Safety solutions, we help our customers with the digital transformation for smarter operations at their plants: Processes for plant safety, maintenance, occupational safety and security can all be streamlined and optimised for operational excellence thanks to networked devices, standard interfaces and reliable connectivity. This offers greater speed and transparency for day-to-day operations and minimises downtime.

Smart Safety – connected safety solutions

Connected safety solutions for your smart plant

The digital transformation offers improved connectivity and more efficient data management and analysis. Cloud-based tools optimise operational and strategic processes for faster communication and business decisions, which help you overcome business challenges and meet operational targets. Dräger solutions for IIoT increase efficiency for a safer, smart plant.

Safety excellence through smart processes

In industrial settings increase of process efficiency and higher safety levels are no longer seen as contradictory. Fast, efficient provision of data and equipment ensure the safety of individual workers performing specific tasks. For other challenges like continuous gas monitoring of huge plants such as tank farms, wireless gas detection solutions are the answer to reduce costs and stay focused on safety.

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Smart technologies – a smart investment

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Connect to the digital future of safety

Imagine if many of your gas detection processes were automated and accelerated. Well, this is no distant future, it’s possible right now. Our new software solution turns individual products into one smart system. Transferring data in real time will help you reduce errors and save you both time and costs – two important building blocks in creating a safer and healthier workplace. Get to know Dräger Gas Detection Connect.

Dräger Gas Detection Connect - connect to the digital future of safety

Drager Gas Detection Connect

Connecting gas detectors with a central software solution brings you automated processes and increased safety. With Gas Detection Connect, you can monitor your facilities live and react much quicker in case of emergency.

The Gas Detection Connect smart asset management system provides a complete picture of the condition of your entire fleet – all the time, no matter where you are.

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Wireless safety solutions for gas detection and data transfer

Tank farms and vast plant areas in the chemical, oil and gas industries are partly difficult to access. This poses challenges for maintenance and monitoring tasks. A fully connected, wireless gas detection solution (GDS) offers many benefits for these industries. These include optimised safety and cost efficiency, and accurate, reliable data availability. In addition improved connectivity over a cloud-based system allows for faster data transfer, flexibility and transparency even for short-term projects or in case of incidents.

GasSecure GS01 devices communicate wirelessly to provide cost-effective and reliable coverage for your tank farm

A truly wireless gas detector helps ensure Smart Safety on tank farms

Tank farms are hazardous environments, with the potential dangers of gas leaks and tank overfills. These huge work sites must be continuously monitored using gas detection solutions to ensure safety and help prevent incidents – with a network of maximum coverage for your workforce.

Smart asset management

Connecting a worker with their device for a shift generates valuable data about usage, location, exposure to substances and device status. Smart safety solutions, like the Dräger Rental Robot, can be used to increase a company's safety level. Smart data analytics and reliable connectivity can also improve efficiency due to process automation. Full control and overview of the state of the devices eases your mind regarding compliance and maintenance requirements. Time and money can be saved for other value-adding purposes.

Dräger Rental Robot

Automated asset provision – The Dräger Rental Robot

Safety equipment must always be properly tested and ready to use for individual workers on a specific task or shift. Smart asset management solutions save time and resources and create transparency. The Rental Robot is an automated material warehouse for worker safety equipment. It reliably supplies every registered user with the correct safety technology and required consumables from its shelves – right near the place of use, 24/7. 

Rental Robot – the smart alternative

By implementing the Dräger Rental Robot, INEOS was able to achieve daily productivity savings, greater overall productivity, safety compliance and cost efficiency. See how the Rental Robot effectively facilitates round-the-clock self-service of safety equipment.

Rental robot case study

Smart safety solutions for INEOS

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Product highlights

Draeger CSE-Connect_0

Dräger CSE Connect

Draeger Polytron 6100 EC WL

Dräger Polytron® 6100 EC WL

Draeger GasSecureGS01

GS01 (wireless)

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