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Achieving Interoperability with Medical Systems Solutions

Medical device interoperability is crucial in helping prevent medical errors and reducing inefficiencies in your clinical workflows. With new applications like therapy assistance, automation and remote control, our Medical Systems Solutions bring you one step closer to the future of acute care. 

Our vision of this future where devices are connected as real time medical systems and interact with one another enabling new clinical applications in a safe and secure environment, is quickly becoming a reality.

By seamlessly integrating relevant data into hospital information systems, our data management approach streamlines administrative and documentation processes and is based on open industry standards providing you with future-proof solutions.

Product Comparison


Clinical Assistance Package

- Interoperability between a Dräger patient monitor, anesthesia machine and the Hospital Information System (HIS)

- HL7 export of high-quality data for EMR integration

- Time synchronization with NTP server

- ADT data takeover from HIS

- Common alarm pause on workstation

- Synchronization of day/night mode on workstation

- Encrypted data transport

- Based on principles of IEEE 11073-SDC standard


Mobile Patient Watch

- Location-independent observation of a patient’s status

- Visualization of near-real-time monitoring data, waveforms and trends

- Information from Dräger patient monitors, and its integrated devices, connected to the Infinity Network

- Access by using an iPhone or PC

- Portrait and landscape operation mode

- Password protection

- Encrypted data transport

- Based on WinAccess API


Integrated Care Manager

- Automatische Datenübernahme aller am Patienten angeschlossenen Geräte

- Dokumentation abrechnungsrelevanter Leistungen

- Bereitstellung von Berichten, Daten oder Dokumenten aus der klinischen Dokumentation

- Vollständigkeitsprüfung der Eingaben

- Stationsspezifische Nutzeroberfläche

- Medizinprodukt der Klasse IIa


SmartSonar Sepsis

- Effective assistance in the early recognition of sepsis

- Guideline-based software

- Informs about all relevant stages of sepsis

- Patient list status overview

- Patients detail page visualizes all vital signs relevant to sepsis diagnosis


Alarm History Analytics

- Overview of the total number and duration of alarms filtered by severity 

- Alarm analysis per monitoring parameter or ventilator setting

- Cumulated view of the alarm response times per alarm severity

- Insights into distribution and trends of alarms.

- Option to export data into spreadsheet

- Customizable dashboard widgets

- No patient-, staff- or user-related data processed

- Comfortable access via Dräger Connect platform


Gas Consumption Analytics

- Consumption and related costs per anaesthetic agent calculation

- Average fresh gas flow  and patient uptake ratio analysis

- Average costs per minute and intervention analysis

- Applied flow rates analysis

- Option to export data into spreadsheet

- Customizable dashboard widgets

- No patient-, staff- or user-related data processed

- Comfortable access via Dräger Connect platform

Insights and Solutions

Connected-Technology-3-2- D-3502-2019.jpg

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Medical device connectivity based on ISO/IEEE 11073 SDC

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Dräger Alarm Management Solutions

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