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Lung Protective Ventilation Email Series

How can you effectively ventilate neonatal, paediatric or adult patient's lungs while protecting them at the same time?

How can you improve patient outcomes whilst maximizing hospital’s resources?

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Your Journey:

It’s worth paying more attention to customized ventilation. Ensuring gas exchange in the lungs, accelerating the weaning process from mechanical ventilation, treating the underlying causes of disease, and facilitating the patient's recovery.

Over the course of the next eight weeks, we can help you learn why all of this is vital and how to implement it in your working surroundings. 

We'll do it by sharing detailed clinical insights and evidences on a series of subtopics:

1. Errors in anaesthesia

2. Protecting the lungs during bariatric surgery

3. Protecting the lungs of paediatric patients

4. Lung Recruitment during General Anaesthesia

5. Protecting the lungs during general anaesthesia

6. Is spontaneous breathing also an aspect of protective ventilation during general anaesthesia?

7. Benefits of Low Flow Anaesthesia

8. Lung protective ventilation for paediatric anaesthesia

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Topic highlights

Anesthesia machines

Low Flow Anaesthesia


Dräger Atlan® - The new range of anaesthesia workstations


Vital Signs Monitoring

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