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The optimal way to recover

The prevention of reintubation and the rapid recovery of the patient are in focus. A corresponding non-invasive ventilation support reduces by inspiratory and expiratory synchronization the work of breathing. A compact and robust design of the ventilator could facilitate the early mobilization of the patient.

Prevent reintubation as fourth step of the Respiration Pathway


Recover to ensure the weaning success because...

  • patients could develop acute respiratory failure after extubation and therefore could require reintubation
  • mortality rate could increase with weaning- and extubation failure
  • extubation failure can be associated with prolonged patient care and significantly increased costs

In a nutshell: Effects of spontaneous breathing on the gas exchange

The influencing factors classified regarding their effect on lung perfusion (top) and lung ventilation (bottom) and the general influencing factors (middle).


High-flow oxygen therapy

High-flow oxygen therapy applied with a special binasal high-flow nasal cannula and a heated inspiratory breathing circuit – provides comfortable, non-invasive respiratory support to patients who require oxygen at higher flow rates.


Non-Invasive Ventilation and Non-Invasive Ventilation Types

Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) is ventilator support given to patients without the use of an endotracheal tube.

Our set of treatment tools to protect the lung

Stabilizing a patient’s breathing means to be well informed about the state of the lung, at all times. Let yourself be assisted by a set of proven tools.


Anti Air Shower to improve patient comfort while avoiding air flush to the patient during e.g. mask fitting or suctioning procedure.

SPN-CPAP NIV-Respiratory-Pathway-3-2.jpg

Non-invasive ventilation in all modes to support the seamless transition from one application mode to another, assisting minimal invasiveness.


O2 therapy to assure the delivery of oxygen with set FIO2 for optimal oxygen therapy.


Non-invasive ventilation booklet

Learn more about Non-invasive ventilation with our booklet

Download booklet

Ventilation-Mini-Manual- 9-11-9069812.JPG
Mini Manual Ventilation

Learn more about ventilation with our mini manual

Download Booklet

Follow the Respiration Pathway


Phase 1 - Prevent


Phase 2 - Stabilize


Phase 3 - Wean


Your choice for every therapy phase

Would you like to learn more about our set of treatment tools to support individual ventilation therapy along the whole Respiration Pathway?

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