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Anaesthesia Sets and Breathing circuits with watertrap Breathing Circuits

Anaesthesia Sets and Breathing circuits with watertrap

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Anaesthesia Sets and Breathing circuits with watertrap

The Dräger coaxial breathing circuit portfolio offers a flexible interface between the patient and Dräger device. To keep the risk of cross contamination to a minimum, the breathing circuits are single use. The hoses are PVC and latex free.
The VentStar coaxial watertrap and Infinity ID coaxial watertrap breathing circuits are fitted with two self-closing watertraps to remove the increased moisture from the system that can arise with adult patients. 

VentStar Coax

Practical coaxial design
With the Dräger Coax family, you have a standardised, high-quality connection between the patient and Dräger device. The space-saving coaxial design significantly improves the workflow on the device. With lengths of 1.7 m, 1.9 m, 2.1 m and 2.3 m, the hose systems for adults offers increased flexibility for positioning the patient and also for transport. When you have additional monitoring accessories, such as the CO2 measuring line, the VentSet breathing circuits (MP00315, MP00316, MP00356) already have pre-assembled clips that enable these additional measuring lines to run alongside the hose in a neat and efficient manner.
The paediatric version has a smaller hose diameter that offers an ease of use in confined spaces.

Improved patient safety

​Our coaxial breathing circuits are made of high-quality tested material. All systems are PVC and latex free and made without the addition of softeners such as DEHP. They are also tested for bio-compatibility and resistant to anaesthesia gas. Single use significantly minimises the risk of cross-contamination to the patient via the breathing hose. All coaxial breathing circuits are provided with red protective caps. Furthermore, the sets include a leakage tester to check the inner hose for leaks as recommended by ISO 5367:2014. The inner and outer hose can therefore be checked for leaks when used with a Dräger device.

Guaranteed compatibility

​Reliable and practical: When you decide on original accessories from Dräger, compatibility is guaranteed. The coaxial breathing circuits have been tested for use with Dräger anaesthesia and ventilation devices. Additional information is included in the respective accessory list.

Innovative product solutions

​The VentStar coaxial watertrap 210 and Infinity ID coaxial watertrap 210 breathing circuits are fitted with two self-closing watertraps to remove the increased moisture from the system that can arise with adult patients. The VentStar coaxial (P) 150 can be used for paediatric patients with a tidal volume between 50 and 300 ml. These coaxial breathing systems have a newly designed T-piece and an extendable expiratory connecting hose.

Easier work processes

​The Infinity ID breathing circuit coaxial watertrap 210 is fitted with innovative Infinity ID technology from Dräger. This supports your daily processes in the hospital. The system not only gives a reminder of the replacement of the accessory after a set time period, but also detects whether the accessory is compatible with the device. In addition, device settings are automatically adjusted and the correct connection of the system is detected when using this technology.

Breathing Bags

Hygienic and practical: breathing bag for single use 
Dräger breathing bags meet the hygiene requirements and help prevent cross-contamination. The single use not only ensures safety, but also contributes to process efficiency by allowing caregivers to allocate more time to other aspects of care. 

Bio-compatibility testing

​The breathing bags are not made with natural rubber latex. The bags had been tested for their bio-compatibility. All Components are free of PVC and do not contain phthalate (DEHP) still Bisphenol A (BPA). 


Product information: Dräger VentStar® Coax (PDF)
Product information: Dräger VentStar® Coax (PDF)

The Dräger VentStar® Coax (P) 150 and VentStar® Coax Watertrap 210 provide a flexible, space-saving connection between patient and ventilator or anesthesia workstation.


Accessory Catalogue 2023, en
Accessory Catalogue 2023, en


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