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Dräger Atlan® A100/A100 XL Anaesthesia Machines

Dräger Atlan® A100/A100 XL

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Dräger Atlan® A100/A100 XL

Atlan A100/XL has been developed as a safe, robust and easy-to-use anaesthesia machine. The high precision piston ventilator supports lung protective ventilation measures while the gas mixing unit with mechanically controlled flow tubes enables a convenient and intuitive application of minimal- and low-flow anaesthesia. A variety of hard- and software options enhance its capabilities to suit your immediate needs.

Lung Protective Ventilation

The electronically controlled and electrically driven piston ventilator technology of the Atlan A100/XL anaesthesia machine helps to deploy lung protective ventilation measures that may improve outcomes.

  • Synchronised piston movement with patient's expiration flow reduces the expiratory resistance to ease work of breathing
  • Maintained set PEEP even in case of small leakage and during spontaneous breathing to reduce risk of atelectasis development
  • High trigger sensitivity helps to detect weak spontaneous breathing efforts of patient
  • AutoFlow* ensures the delivery of the set tidal volume with the lowest possible pressure to avoid pressure peaks and unintentional high tidal volumes
  • High accuracy in tidal volume delivery even of very small VTs down to 10 ml (VT setting in VC)
  • Pre-set VT and RR based on patient's ideal body weight support lung protective ventilation
  • Trends and Loops option helps to assess the ventilation quality and to adapt the ventilation settings accordingly:
    • display of patient lung compliance with trend
    • P-V and V-Flow loops
  • Highly accurate APL valve with a nearly linear increase and decrease in pressure pattern
  • Compilation of relevant ventilation and haemodynamic patient data in one view display to assess therapeutic effects of lung recruitment manoeuvre**
  • Guidance for optimised and patient oriented anaesthetic agent delivery in combination with Dräger's SmartPilot® View***

* Only with ventilation mode option
** Only with Dräger Infinity® Acute Care System (IACS) patient monitoring
*** Software requires Medical Grade PC

Application of Minimal- and Low Flow Anaesthesia

To achieve optimal patient outcomes while minimising costs and environmental impact, our Atlan A100/XL is designed to deliver minimal- and low-flow anaesthesia seamlessly.

  • Integrated active warming of breathing system reduces condensation
  • Compact breathing system architecture to enable fast changes in fresh-gas and agent concentrations even with low fresh-gas flows
  • Sample-gas recirculated back to the breathing system to eliminate gas loss
  • Fresh-gas decoupling to ensure fresh-gas flow independent delivery of set tidal volume and ventilation pressures

Workflow Efficiency & Ease of Use

The design architecture of the Atlan A100/XL anaesthesia machines allows customer-tailored configurations, ergonomic and user-friendly workstations for nearly every size of OR.

  • Scalability of workstation set-ups:
    1. Compact trolley for small ORs
    2. Large trolley with more storage and writing surface
    3. Trolley version combined with media head of Dräger Ambia® ceiling supply unit:
      • enables cable-free floors
      • ensures secure connection when system is repositioned
      • offers additional mounting possibilities
    4. Software upgrades for additional features
    5. Hardware scalability
      • with integrated patient gas module or with only integrated FiO2 measurement
      • with various mounting positions for patient monitors and IV pumps
  • Standardised Dräger user interfaces and operating principles across the Dräger anaesthesia machines to reduce training efforts
  • Compatibility with Dräger accessories and consumables to enhance performance and inventory management
  • Graphically illustrated walk-through pre-test checklist to enable fast and intuitive preparation of the machine for self-test
  • Fully automated system self-test* (no user interaction needed) to enable operational efficiency and to save staff time for other tasks
  • Ex- and import of machine configuration via USB to save manual effort and time
  • Workplace illumination to improve readability during minimally invasive surgery cases
  • Cable management channels to reduce cable clutter, connection failures and cleaning efforts (optional)
  • Automatic flow correction** to compensate the effect of gas composition on the flow measurement accuracy and to deliver precise inspiratory and expiratory values
  • Monitoring mode offers capnography and O2 nasal canula during regional anaesthesia***

* The pre-use checklist has to be performed by the user prior to the self-test. Machines with only inspiratory O2 measurement require weekly calibration of O2 cell (not applicable for PGM).
** Prerequisites for automatic flow correction on machines equipped with inspiratory O2 measurement: The anaesthetic gas monitor (Dräger Vamos or Dräger Scio) must be connected to the COM 2 serial port.
*** Only with integrated patient-gas measurement module.

Safety and Backup Functions

To enhance the safety of patients and clinical staff, the Atlan A100/XL offers you a wide range of functionalities.

  • Backup manual mode (in case of ventilator, touch screen, or gas mixer failure) to allow manual ventilation while maintaining fresh-gas and anaesthetic agent delivery as well as ventilation monitoring to continue the case
  • Fresh-gas and anaesthestic agent delivery is still possible even when the machine is switched-off
  • Intuitive start in emergency case to reduce waiting time in critical situations
  • Automatic xMAC monitoring* to notify an unintentional change in concentration of volatile anaesthetics to avoid awareness
  • In case of central gas supply failure, missing or empty gas cylinders, mechanical ventilation is continued with ambient air
  • Automatic self-test, which includes integrated pre-use checklist with illustrated step-by-step instructions helps to comply with national guidelines, such as DGAI (Germany), ASA/APSF (USA), AAGBI (UK)
  • Piston ventilator technology to ensure accurate tidal volume delivery even in case of flow sensor failure
  • Alarm – Cause – Remedy help function displays potential causes and solutions of current alarms on the screen to enable quick remedy

* Only with integrated patient-gas measurement module

Infection Prevention and Control

Breaking the chain of infection and complying with your hospital's hygiene protocols is critical in today's clinical environment. The Atlan A100/XL anaesthesia machines, were designed with infection prevention regulations in mind to support hygiene measures in the OR.

  • Tool-free and quick disassembly of breathing system with few parts to support adherence with infection prevention regulations
  • Smooth and rounded surfaces to ease cleaning/wipe disinfection
  • Cable ducts and channels to reduce number of potential contamination sources
  • Compatibility with original Dräger single-use consumables to support hygiene standards
  • Compliant with ISO 17664 (processing of healthcare products)

Data Analytics & Digital Services*

Networked Atlan A100/XL anaesthesia machines, in conjunction with Dräger Connect, our innovative cloud-enabled digital platform, can offer digital valuable insights via data analytics and digital services to streamline workflows for efficiency and cost-optimisations in ORs:

OR Companion: Checks the live status (online, offline or in use) of the connected Atlan workstations to support effective management of ORs.

Upgrade the solution with the Self-Test Tracker option:

  • Enables remote check of the system test results of all Atlan workstations across departments to optimise and streamline workflows for nursing staff and biomedical engineers
  • Provides a centralised overview of the machine self-test results to streamline workflows for self-test procedures and to reduce start-up time
  • Acts as an assistance system and immediately provides staff with troubleshooting steps

Device Utilisation Analytics: Consolidates all relevant information on the utilisation of your networked Atlan workstation fleet:

  • Provides insights of the utilisation and the performance of the connected machines, avoids operational malfunction to improve efficiency
  • Provides real-time online network status and operational state of each machine
  • Saves costs through utilisation analyses and optimisation of the workstation fleet with fundamental data basis
  • Provides a comprehensive data basis to support purchase decision making
  • Improves the transparency of software status and updates to avoid security gaps

Connected Maintenance: Supports the uptime of your anaesthesia workstations - keeping them updated, safe and secure:

  • Help Ticket: Delivers fast expert help for technical issues and a higher first-time fix-rate by sending technical device data information regularly or with a click of a button
  • Software distribution: Manages software updates efficiently and securely with minimal disruptions to clinical workflows

* Both are optional and subject to applicable/licence terms of use. Require compatible medical devices and additional IT infrastructure.

Fully-Integrated Workstation Solution

Together with Dräger Patient monitoring solutions (e.g. Infinity Acute Care System and Vista Patient Monitoring System), the Atlan A100/XL anaesthesia machine comprises a fully integrated anaesthesia workstation. This provides ventilation parameters, gas measurements and vital signs data on a single interface for a complete clinical view at the point of care to support decision making for enhanced patient care and efficiency during perioperative care. The workstation can also be connected to the hospital information system (HIS) and/or an electronic medical record via HL7 protocol to serve as a data source*.

* Subject to applicable/licence terms of use. Requires compatible medical devices and additional IT infrastructure.


The Atlan A100/XL anaesthesia machine was designed with data protection in mind to combat dangerous and damaging cyber-attacks.
Atlan was developed as to our secure development lifecycle encompassing:

  • Threat analysis to identify vulnerabilities during the development phase
  • Independent 3rd party penetration testing to discover residual vulnerabilities
  • Automatic code analysis along software development
  • A secure boot ensures the integrity of the software running on the machine
  • Continuous vulnerability monitoring along the lifecycle of the product
  • Release of patches if relevant vulnerability is detected


Atlan A100/A100 XL Product Information, en
Atlan A100/A100 XL Product Information, en


Atlan Declaration of Conformity
Atlan Declaration of Conformity


Technical Data

Lung Protective Ventilation

Operational Application
Integrated anesthesia workstation for all patients
Patient categories
Adults, pediatrics, neonates
Fresh gas decoupling
Ventilator technology
E-Vent - Uncompromised ventilation quality helps to reduce lung complications and the length of stay
APL-Technology / Precise manual ventilaton
Dräger APL-Valve
Breathing gas warmer
Low- and minimal flow setting support
Visual filling level of bag

Ventilation Modes

CPAP in Man/Spon
Volume Controlled (VC)
VC Synchronized + PS
Pressure Controlled (PC)
PC Synchronized + PS
Pressure Support
Volume Controlled AutoFlow


Screen Display
15.3" touch-screen with storable view and profiles, smart alarm managment with extensive support system
Vaporizers capability
Smooth and rounded surfaces ease frequent cleaning/wipe disinfection
Device self test
Automatic self test
LOOPS (p/V-loop and flow/V-loop)
Smart Pilot View
Patient gas module
in/ex O2, N2O, CO2, Agent (option with xGM patient gas module)

Technical Data

Device versions
Trolley version, wall version & ceiling version
Breathing system
Integrated; Decision support tools to enhance informed decision making in complex situation
Fresh-gas mixer
mech. mixer with flowtubes
O2, Air, N2O
RFID Technology
Serial interfaces
2 x serial ports (RS232) (MEDIBUS.X protocol), 1 x USB port, 1 x LAN

Safety Concept

Emergency ventilation in case of total gas supply failure
Typical battery run-time in case of power supply failure
typically 120 min
Emergency start-up procedure

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