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Breathing Circuits Heated

Heated breathing circuits for mechanically ventilated patients are an essential component in today’s intensive care environment. Choosing the right breathing circuit system can support therapy success.

Clinical application

Heated circuits are used to avoid damage to the lungs and airways of long-term ventilated patients resulting from the use of dry and cool breathing gases. The patient remains adequately hydrated when a heated breathing circuit system is used. This maintains mucociliary clearance and allows secretions to be transported. The risk of infection is reduced as a result.

Versatile use

The removable Y-adapter can be used to perform oxygen therapy (in conjunction with the humidifier and the ventilator), or it can be used to insert a drug nebuliser in the inspiratory branch of the hose system.

Wide product range

Dräger offers a wide range of heated breathing circuit products. VentStar Helix is part of our product range that consists of breathing circuit systems and water chambers, for active humidification in the ICU. All relevant respiratory gas conditioning accessories come from a single supplier.

Innovative hose heater design

The innovative double helix design helps to provide a more uniform heating of the breathing gas compared to conventional heated breathing circuits. This helps to prevent condensation and provides patients with the optimal level of hydration. And because there is no heater inside the actual hose, resistance values are optimised.

High quality standards

Due to Dräger's high quality standards, all respiratory gas-carrying components are tested for biocompatibility and do not contain any potentially hazardous plasticizers such as DEHP.

Efficient workflows

Designed as a disposable product, the VentStar Helix provides heat for optimal support of clinical workflows. No disassembly of components is required to prepare for cleaning and sterilisation. After use with a patient, the entire system can be disposed of in one step. This means the medical staff has more time to focus on patient care.


Neonatal and pediatric accessories catalogue, en
Neonatal and pediatric accessories catalogue, en

Suitable for a wide range of clinical applications, we supply you with over 2,000 accessory item solutions. From breathing masks to flow sensors to disposable and reusable breathing circuits, we design and develop all our products according to your specific requirements.


Accessory Catalogue 2023, en
Accessory Catalogue 2023, en


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