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Infinity® PiCCO SmartPod® Patient Monitoring Pods

Infinity® PiCCO SmartPod®

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Infinity® PiCCO SmartPod®

Provides less invasive, beat-to-beat hemodynamic and volumetric monitoring.

Integrates four invasive pressures and cardiac output

​Now you can monitor hemodynamic and volumetric parameters without a pulmonary artery catheter, using the Infinity® PiCCO SmartPod®. The device can integrate four invasive pressures and cardiac output using a single cable that connects the pod to the monitor.

Supports a wide variety of parameters

The parameters supported by the PiCCO SmartPod include:
– Pulse Contour Cardiac Output (PCCO)
– Continuous Cardiac Index (PCCI)
– Stroke Volume (p-SV)
– Stroke Volume Index (p-SVI)
– Stroke Volume Variation (SVV)
– Systemic Vascular Resistance (p-SVR)
– Systemic Vascular Resistance Index (p-SVRI)
– Pulse Pressure Variation (PPV)
– Index of Left Ventricular Contractility (dPmax)1
– Cardiac Output (p-CO)
– Cardiac Index (p-CI)
– Cardiac Function Index (CFI)
– Global End Diastolic Volume (GEDV)
– Global End Diastolic Volume Index (GEDVI)
– Extra Vascular Lung Water (EVLW)1
– Extra Vascular Lung Water Index (EVLWI)1
– Global Ejection Fraction (GEF)1
– Pulmonary Vascular Permeability Index (PVPI)1
– Arterial Pressure, Systolic, Diastolic and Mean (ART)
– Intrathovacic Blood Volume (ITBV)
– Intrathovacic Blood Volume Index (ITBVI)​

Determines parameters both intermittently and continuously

PiCCO technology uses quantitative parameters that are determined both intermittently through PULSION’s transpulmonary thermodilution technique and continuously through arterial pulse contour analysis. ​

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