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Infinity® Trident® NMT SmartPod® Patient Monitoring Pods

Infinity® Trident® NMT SmartPod®

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Infinity® Trident® NMT SmartPod®

Supports evidence-based judgments about the patient’s state of neuromuscular blockade

Provides accurate

The Infinity®Trident® NMT (neuromuscular transmission) SmartPod® provides an easy, accurate way to measure the level of muscle relaxation of patients under the influence of neuromuscular blocking agents. Trident parameters provide an objective indication of NMT by using an electrical stimulus of a peripheral nerve – enabling you to make an evidence-based judgment about the state of your patient’s neuromuscular blockade.

  • Uses a standardised monitoring interface and alarm management feature
  • Quantifies the degree of muscle relaxation
  • Automatically integrates NMT parameters into the electronic patient record

Offers multiple measuring capabilities

Trident assesses neuromuscular blockade by monitoring thumb acceleration (twitch response) during electrical stimulation of a peripheral nerve. The pod offers the following measuring capabilities:

  • Single Twitch: single stimulus with a response compared to a reference
  • Train-Of-Four (TOF): series of four impulses are given, results on TOF-ratio or TOF-count
  • Post-Tetanic Count: titanic stimulation, followed by single stimuli at one-second intervals is generated; the number of responses to the one second stimuli are counted

Provides objective

NMT data is valuable before, during and after anaesthesia in the operating room, and also when mechanical ventilation is used in the intensive care unit.

Monitoring NMT may help reduce the amount of neuromuscular blocking agents required during anaesthesia, which could mean a shorter recovery period and a decrease in the post-operative incidence of neuromuscular weakness. ​

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