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Dräger Mobile Patient Watch Clinical-Applications

Dräger Mobile Patient Watch

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Dräger Mobile Patient Watch

Your access to patient information anytime, anywhere. With Mobile Patient Watch, you receive location-independent access to clinical patient information on mobile devices, tablets or desktop PCs. Customise the application to your care area's needs and perform supervision and remote consultancy based on the near real-time data from Infinity® Dräger patient monitors, ventilators and anaesthesia devices.

Provides location independent access to patient status information

The Dräger Mobile Patient Watch is an innovative solution that provides you with mobile access to near real-time data from Dräger patient monitors, ventilators, and anaesthesia devices. Connected devices display all in waveforms, vital signs, and trends of all the patients in your care areas. Additionally, ventilation parameter settings are available in Mobile Patient Watch. This information can complement the historical information in an electronic medical record (EMR) to support decision making. Mobile Patient Watch offers the following versatile viewing options:

  • Monitoring view: Shows patient monitor waveforms, parameters and minitrends for a selected patient.
  • Anaesthesia view: Shows inspiratory and expiratory anaesthesia gas values and ventilation waveforms, parameters, settings and minitrends for a selected OR patient.
  • Ventilation view: Shows ventilation waveforms, parameters, settings and minitrends for a selected ICU patient.
  • Numeric view: Shows aggregated view of parameters from a patient's connected patient monitor and additionally either a ventilator or anaesthesia machine.
  • Tabular trends view: Shows the trended values of recorded vital signs and parameters at regular intervals for a selected patient.
  • ECG view: Visualises all available ECG leads per patient.

Enables remote supervision and consultancy*

Using the Mobile Patient Watch, you can implement an additional layer of patient safety. In addition to your existing Dräger Infinity® patient monitoring systems and Infinity® CentralStations, Mobile Patient Watch offers you the ability to access patient status information for supervision or remote consultancy throughout the hospital, no matter if the patient is in the emergency department, operating room, intensive care unit, or a normal ward.

* Mobile Patient Watch should not be the sole or primary source of data used when making a diagnosis or determining therapy needs. Nor should it be considered an alarm distribution tool. The application does not annunciate clinical alarm conditions that are detected by bedside medical devices and systems.

Accessible on a broad variety of end devices**

The Mobile Patient Watch allows you to use it flexibly wherever you need it. A wide range of iOS, Android and Windows-based end device are supported, ranging from mobile phones to tablets and desktop PCs. The application supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategies so that it can run on your compatible existing end devices.

** Please refer to the technical data chapter of this product information brochure for more information about compatible devices.

Customisable to your personal needs

You can configure the application to your individual needs by defining patient favourites for your care areas in the "My Patients" list of Mobile Patient Watch and configuring the visualised parameters and waveforms based on your personal preferences.

Compatibility with your existing medical devices***

Mobile Patient Watch supports a broad range of Dräger medical devices, including patient monitors, ventilators and anaesthesia machines that provide their data on the Infinity® network.

*** Please refer to the technical data chapter of this product information brochure for the full list of supported patient monitors, ventilators and anaesthesia machines.

Designed to keep patient information secure

Mobile Patient Watch is an HTML5 web application that keeps patient information protected. Data from the Infinity® network is encrypted when transferred and kept on-premise, from where it can be accessed by authenticated users throughout the hospital or via a VPN connection from outside the hospital network.


Mobile Patient Watch Product Information (SW2.0), en-master
Mobile Patient Watch Product Information (SW2.0), en-master


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