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Dräger PX4500End of Sales


​The multifunction Dräger PX4500 for testing natural gas lines, liquefied petroleum gas lines and drinking water systems is particularly handy and light. The ready-made measuring programs according to regulations for all common testing greatly simplifies everyday work.

Line testing

​In addition to manual pressure measurement and leak testing, the device includes default measuring programs for:

  • Leak testing (150 hPa) and loading test (0.1 MPa) on gas lines (DVGW TRGI)
  • Combined leak and loading test (0.3 bar) on gas lines (DVGW TRGI)
  • Leak testing (150 hPa) and strength test (0.1 MPa) on liquefied petroleum gas lines (TRF)
  • Leak testing (150 hPa) and loading test (0.1 MPa or 0.3 MPa) on drinking water systems (DIN EN 806)
  • Leak testing with water (0.6 MPa) for crimp connections in drinking water systems (DIN EN 806)
  • Leak testing with water (1.1 MPa) on drinking water systems (DIN EN 806)

Default measuring programs

​The Dräger PX4500 includes general measuring programs and special measuring programs for common testing with specified parameters according to regulations or standards. Live diagrams on the display ensure you are able to track the measurement process.

Pressure measurements up to 2.5 MPa (25 bar)

​The internal pressure measuring range of 160 hPa can be extended with the use of optional digital pressure sensors for 3.5 (0.35 MPa) or 25 bar (2.5 MPa).

Leak testing per DVGW TRGI 2018

​The Dräger PX4500 quickly and accurately detects leaks in new or existing circuits. And leak testing is entirely automated.

High resolution colour touch screen

With its 3.5" touch colour display, the PX4500 not only offers user-friendly handling - it can also be operated intuitively thanks to its smart, well-structured device software.

Light weight and handy format

​At 345 g, the Dräger PX4500 is a lightweight and the ergonomic housing makes it particularly comfortable.

Access measurements anywhere, any time with the app Dräger mCon* (option Bluetooth LE)

​The app ensures ultimate mobility and instant access to all current measurement data. All data is transmitted straight from the analyser to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and is immediately available as a remote display. Measurements can be saved and sent by e-mail.

*App Dräger mCon on request.

Industrial version PX4500-i

​With the new multifunctional Dräger PX4500-i 25 bar set you are always on the safe side and are equipped for complete leak tests of the entire system. Special adaptations and the new 25 bar sensor offer a wide range of connection options and are ideally suited for tough operating conditions thanks to their pure stainless steel design. Thanks to intuitive menu navigation and predefined measuring programmes, you can quickly detect leaks in new or existing pipe systems with the PX4500-i.

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