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Dräger Prana

The bed-head unit designed and manufactured in India, combines flexibility and economics. It offers complete line of customized bedhead units with electrical, gas and illumination options for a variety of general and specialized applications. Prana is CE Certified and compliant to ISO 11197, ensuring safety of the patient, staff and hospital

Space-saving flexibiity

​The Prana family of medical supply units is designed for use in almost any care environment, from normal wards to intensive care. In intensive care or in induction, observation and recovery rooms-the Prana family is highly modular media supply solution, that can be custom built to suit your specifications.

Robust and modular construction

Prana is constructed from robust, extruded aluminium profiles. Rounded corners, edges and seamless fittings ensure safety, hygiene and easy cleaning. The length of Prana medical supply unit and the number of installation ducts for media terminals can be freely determined.

Matches the aesthetics

​The Prana family is designed to complement a wide range of modern interior designs. You have a choice of faceplates in four standard RAL colours or even custom colours which can help you create a pleasant and relaxing environment for your patients.

Solutions for your patients and you

Like all solutions from Dräger, the Prana family is designed to make your clinical routine easy efficient. The products offered by Dräger are developed with flexibility and compatibility in mind. Prana helps you to get most out of the space available to you, and is cost-efficient. The use of standard rails mean that Prana can be used in combination with wide range of Dräger accessories as well as conformity assessed third party equipment. The rails extend the optional accessory combinations to your requirements. By providing reading light to your patients and orientation light to your staff, also in efficient LED technology, the Prana family provides comfort for everyone involved.

Customise Prana for your individual needs – single and double duct options available

The double duct design offers a flexibility of having medical rail either on left or right or on both sides. Central duct is reserved for the installation of media terminals for medical gases, vacuum, power supply and IT.

  • Ample space for installation of medical terminals for medical gases as well as power supply and IT
  • Ergonomically placed media terminals and medical gases as well as power supply and IT
  • Upper or lower section features integrated light options
  • ISO Standard rail with load bearing capacity of 5 kg
In the compact single duct design, the upper section is reserved for indirect illumination and night light. The middle section is designed for installation of media terminal for medical gases, vacuum, IT and power supply. The lower section features a reading light. Your choice of medical rails can be mounted between the sections for lighting terminals.


Dräger Prana (Sleek and Wall) Product Information, en
Dräger Prana (Sleek and Wall) Product Information, en

Available in two variants -Sleek (S) and Wall (W). A perfect combination of highly durable medical supply units which are convenient, safe and can be customized to suit individual needs.


Prana Declaration of Conformity, en
Prana Declaration of Conformity, en


IFU Prana - doc0973 en
IFU Prana - doc0973 en

These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


IFU Prana S and Prana V - doc0974 en
IFU Prana W - doc0975 en
IFU Terminal Units, en

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