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Respiratory protection exercise accessories Firefighter Training Facilities

Respiratory protection exercise accessories

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Respiratory protection exercise accessories

Different training accessory articles from Dräger can help make rescue exercises as realistic as possible.

Infrared thermometer

Aim, measure and read temperature – that's how easy it is to use the infrared thermometer. The interaction of advanced infrared technology and solid optical features offers a temperature measuring tool for every professional, which meets high expectations.

Rescue doll

The rescue doll serves as an aid during drills for the rescue of people from smoke-filled rooms under respiratory protection, from buildings, vehicles, masts or cables, from out of the water and from the mountains. The doll consists of a steel frame covered by a solid and extremely robust plastic skin. Special filling gives the doll its realistic weight and, together with the high elasticity of the plastic, conveys the impression of human tissue. The doll has fully movable joints.

Combustible rescue doll

For fire drills, Dräger offers specially equipped rescue dolls. Filling and outer skin are carefully made from high value materials suitable for this purpose. The rescue doll is suitable both for exercises with the fire blanket as well as with small fire-fighting equipment. Users can realistically practice extinguishing and rescuing burning people. The heat-resistant rescue dolls offered by Dräger can be used in an ambient temperature of 650 ºC.

Fake Flame

The fire effect "Fake Flame" produces a flame simulation on the basis of haze (mist) and light, meaning without combustible substances or materials such as lighter fluids. The system is specifically intended for use in buildings in which flame effects are required but where the use of combustible materials or liquids would be too dangerous. "Fake Flame" produces a linear fire effect with a width of 1.2 m. Several devices can be put next to one another in order to create an effect with bigger dimensions.

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