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Dräger Savina®

Maintain high standards of ventilation therapy for adult and paediatric patients of all acuity levels, even in challenging environments.

Clinical advancements in and out of the ICU

The Dräger Savina is an advanced, high-quality ICU ventilator that offers excellent ventilation performance combined with easy operation. Designed for both adult and paediatric ventilation, the Savina provides advanced therapy at any acuity level.

Comprehensive safety concept

An integrated safety concept makes the Savina the natural choice for challenging environments, such as rural areas, earthquake zones or regions with erratic unreliable power grids. Its internal battery can bridge power failures of up to an hour, while an optional external battery can extend that range to 5 hours. Because air is supplied via an internal turbine, the Savina requires no external source of compressed air – perfect for settings with limited infrastructure or where frequent transports are necessary. Integrated safeguard sensors for minute volume, airway pressure and 02 concentration ensure enhanced patient safety.

Increased flexibility

The Savina gives you a full range of ventilation modes, both pressure- and volume-oriented, as well as pressure support, spontaneous breathing and non-invasive ventilation options. Built for adult and paediatric patients of all acuity levels, the Savina provides modern ventilation therapy for a very wide range of patients, situations and clinical settings.

Support the recovery process at every stage

The Savina’s AutoFlow® feature brings the benefits of spontaneous breathing to volume-oriented modes. BIPAP1 combines pressure-oriented ventilation with spontaneous breathing at any time and at any pressure level. The Savina’s non-invasive ventilation capabilities are further enhanced by highly sensitive triggering and effective leak management systems. Together, these features can help you reduce ventilation times, promote the weaning process, avoid reintubation and reduce the rate of pulmonary complications related to intubation.

Simple and effective user interface

An intuitive user interface makes learning to use the Dräger Savina easy. Simply select a parameter, change the parameter and confirm that change. Changes are visually supported on the high-resolution colour display. The Savina can also display your choice of static, dynamic, graphic or numeric real-time or trend data on an optional 12” colour touch screen.

360 Product View

Draeger Savina 360


Savina Product Information, en
Savina Product Information, en


Savina Brochure, en
Savina Brochure, en

Clinical advancement, ease of use, versatility – in and out of the ICU


Non-invasive ventilation Booklet, en
Non-invasive ventilation Booklet, en

Since the first use of positive end-expiratory pressure ventilation in the late 1930's non-invasive ventilation (NIV) has come a very long way. A booklet about a century of experience by Frank van Rooyen and Krisztina Soltész.


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Nomenclature Booklet, en
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AutoFlow Booklet, en
NIV Booklet, en
Savina & more Catalog, en

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