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Vista 300

The Dräger Vista 300 is an essential patient monitor for adults, paediatrics, and neonates. It is part of a scalable patient monitoring system that fits securely into your hospital’s network to give you all-time data access and optimise your workflows. Vista 300 facilitates enhanced workplace integration in your acute care areas with a comprehensive set of parameters and modules, helping you to improve patient care and outcomes as well as lower costs.

Essential monitoring capabilities

The Vista 300 displays up to 13 waveforms in an easy-to-configure layout and offers a core set of essential parameters including 3/5/12 lead ECG, non-invasive blood pressure, respiration and dual temperature. Advanced parameters including three invasive blood pressures, flexible mainstream and sidestream etCO2 and cardiac output are also available. Users can also add external parameter modules including SCIO, CO2, BIS, and Masimo, Nellcor or Dräger SpO2. In addition, NMT parameter can also be added on selected model. A variety of compatible accessories is available as well. The Vista 300 provides seamless connectivity to Dräger Scio anaesthetic gas measurement modules, delivering precise inspiratory and expiratory values.

Fully integrated workstation

The Vista 300 features workplace functionality with a complementary Dräger device, such as a ventilator or anaesthesia machine. In combination with the Vista system components, you’ll have access to critical patient information in your complete network as patient data, vital signs and data from therapy devices are automatically uploaded to your HIS. This will help you to reduce technological complexities in your acute care areas and relieve your staff from time-consuming documentation work or manual data entries.

Enhanced workflow efficiencies

The Vista 300 supports the exchange of patient data, for you this means obtaining a rapid assessment, and being able to take better informed decisions. Vista 300 includes integrated decision support tools such as pulse pressure variation for fluid responsiveness, Oxy-CRG for neonatal monitoring, and Bispectral Index Technology for enhanced anaesthesia practices. Additionally, you can configure your screen and with fast access keys and simplified menus you get the data you need right at your fingertips. The integrated bed-to-bed-view also improves data access and visibility for any networked Vista monitor from your current patient’s bedside to save you time and optimise your workflows.

System connectivity

Having the ability to securely exchange patient data supports clinical decision-making, reduces manual entry, and helps ensure a complete patient record. For this reason, our Vista 300 can be complemented with different hardware and software solutions so you can access your patients’ data from anywhere remotely and inter-departmentally on one network - seamlessly and conveniently. To give you a comprehensive solution, our complementary components are Vista Gateway, Vista CMS, and Vista Spot Check as well as accessories and services. This scalable system allows the exchange of patient information via an HL7 interface, with automatic and wireless documentation of up to 256 patients. The Vista system supports cybersecurity measures to help you develop secure solutions that keep your devices and patient data safe. This includes functionalities such as secure data transfer and encryption, automatic screen timeouts, and user authentication.

Comprehensive Services

Dräger Services go beyond repairing equipment. We support you in increasing the uptime of your equipment while minimising potential costs. Our services and comprehensive consulting ensure maximum performance of your devices and a 100% planning reliability. Your team also receives continuous training with our regular and constantly updated courses to help reduce errors and improve your clinical outcomes.


Accessory Catalogue 2024, en
Accessory Catalogue 2024, en


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