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Clean Energy Solutions

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Moving Towards a Greener Future, Safely.

A number of countries, including India, have made commitments to move to a net zero emissions economy in response to climate science showing that carbon emissions are having a devastating effect on our planet. To achieve this, existing clean energy types are being ramped up, as well as brand new technologies being introduced to meet our energy demands. Throughout these existing and new technologies come many risks that must be properly addressed to maximise safety for all involved.



Dräger offers the first point of contact for hydrogen safety solutions with thorough knowledge of the hazards of working with hydrogen.

Learn more about Dräger and Hydrogen Safety


Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)

Dräger can support you in the safe capture, transport, storage and use of CO2 with our innovative range of safety solutions

Learn more about Dräger and CCUS


Lithium Ion Battery Production

Dräger has the safety solutions to help you focus on your most significant challenge: shaping the future of the energy transition.  You provide the batteries - we provide the safety.

Learn more about Dräger and Battery Safety



Ammonia is a chemical that deserves respect but should not be feared.  Dräger have many years experience of protecting people and plant from the dangers of Ammonia.

Learn more about Dräger and Ammonia Safety



Dräger has important advantages in the protection and detection of Methanol with our safety solutions. Our IR detectors and the unique Dräger OV sensor for TOX- measurement offers significant benefits over the more expensive PID sensors.

Learn more about Dräger and Methanol Safety

Other Clean Energy Topics

Clean Tech - Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy Applications

Waste incineration and anaerobic digestion applications come with their own unique risks including the potential exposure to hazardous substances. Plant operators must be aware of these risks and put safety systems in place to make sure all risk is managed effectively.

Clean Tech - Green Transport

Green Transportation

Green transport is going to be the new normal in the years to come and this will span across all vehicle types including passenger cars, HGVs, planes, ships and much more. Get in touch with Dräger to discuss any safety concerns you may have in this area.

Clean Tech - Wind Power

Offshore Wind

Offshore and onshore wind are critical sources of renewable energy for growing economies around the world. However, there are many risks involved within wind power generation such as confined space entry, dangerous gas levels and the potential for explosions.

Clean Tech - Nuclear Power

Nuclear Energy

These plants are always on: well-operated to avoid interruptions and built to withstand extreme weather, supporting the grid 24/7. Dräger can provide safety solutions in this area. Get in touch to find out more.

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Industrial worker checks Dräger X-am 3500 portable gas detector screen

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The Dräger X-plore 8700 is a powered air purifying respirator

Respiratory Protective Equipment


What sustainability means to us

Sustainability and continuous development are essential parts of our DNA and company history at Dräger. For us, our guiding principle of "Technology for Life" means taking responsibility. We make a positive contribution to society and the environment in a variety of ways through our products.

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