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Hazmat Suits and Splash Suits - Hazmat suits protective suits

Hazmat Suits and Splash Suits

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Hazmat and splash suits complete your protective equipment

Whether in liquid, solid or gaseous form: chemicals can irritate the skin by contact or even pass through the skin – with potentially serious consequences for your health. That is why working with hazardous materials requires high standards in protective clothing – like our reliable protective suits. Since over 60 years we offer different types of hazmat and splash suits, tailor-made for a large variety of application areas in the industry.

Splash suits

Lightweight and comfortable to wear: Our liquid and spray-proof splash suits allow reliable protection against the finest dusts and powders, many concentrated inorganic acids and alkalis. They are also resistant to a wide range of organic liquid chemicals. The overalls are CE certified and type 3, 4, 5 and/or 6 classified.

Hazmat Suits

  • Key Facts
  • Reuse Class
  • Product type
  • Performance Class
  • SCBA design
  • Resistance
  • Mechanical Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Resistance against
  • Particles
  • Liquids
  • Ex-zones
  • Known gases
  • Reusable

  • Splash protection suit

  • +

  • outside or use with filtering device

  • +

  • Limited use (Dräger SPC 4400 CPM: Single Use)

  • Splash protection suit

  • +++

  • outside or use with filtering device ; SPC 4900: inside

  • +

  • (only Dräger SPC 4800)

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Dräger SPC 3700 with CVA 0700 - Breathe easy. Stay cool.Play video

Breathe easy. Stay cool

The Dräger SPC 3700 is a ventilated disposable splash-protective suit. In combination with the newly designed vest CVA 0700 it offers ideal protection, comfort and flexibility due to continuous supply of breathing air and cooling airflow.

Hazmat suits

The Dräger chemical suits or gas-tight suits protect your staff from a variety of hazardous substances in gaseous, liquid, aerosol and solid form. They come with a high mechanical resistance in combination with exceptional ergonomic cut and meet the highest international standards. Especially for infrequent usage like emergency precautions or for confined space entry (CSE) these overalls are the optimal choice.

Hazmat Suits

  • Key Facts
  • Reuse Class
  • Performance Class
  • Shelf Life (years)
  • Resistance
  • Mechanical Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Temperature Resistance
  • Resistance against
  • Liquids
  • Known gases
  • Unknown gases
  • Mechanical stress
  • Deepcold substances
  • Flash fires
  • Limited use

  • ++

  • 10

  • ++

  • Reusable

  • +

  • 10

  • ++

  • +

  • against deepcold substances

  • Reusable

  • +++

  • 15

  • ++

  • ++

  • ++

  • Depending on SCBA

  • Depending on SCBA

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Five questions to obtain the right hazmat suit

Which hazardous substances are you exposed to during your work?

  • If you know the hazmat, you can take tangible measures to protect yourself. The Dräger VOICE hazardous substances database lets you know which hazmat suit protects against which hazardous materials and for how long.
  • If you do not know the hazardous substance that’s present, always assume the worst case scenario and select the next higher degree of protection.

Dräger VOICE

Do you have to wear breathing apparatus combined with a protective suit?

  • If no respiratory protection is needed, simple overalls or other protective garment that protect against the respective chemical agents will be sufficient.
  • If you work with filter equipment, it is best to use a hazmat suit, equipped with integrated fullface mask or facial sleeve.
  • If you need an SCBA, make sure the equipment is comfortable to wear either over or under your protective suit.

What is your work environment like?

  • A traffic accident requires you to reach in between or handle sharp-edged objects. A protective suit with a higher mechanical strength, such as a reusable model, is recommended when your work environment is unpredictable.
  • If damage is unlikely, you can also use a limited-use suit.

How easily can the pollution caused by the hazardous substance be removed (decontamination)?

  • If the hazardous substance is difficult to remove from surfaces, you should wear a hazmat suit with the SCBA worn on the inside of the suit. By this means you can protect it from contamination.

What are the associated risks of working with the hazardous substance?

  • If it is a very cold hazardous substance such as liquefied gas, the material of the suit must not become brittle or fracture when exposed to the cold.
  • If the hazardous substance is flammable at ambient temperatures, the hazmat suit must be flameresistant.
  • If there is a risk of explosion in the area where the hazardous substance is leaking, the hazmat suit must have the relevant electrostatic properties.
  • If the hazardous substance is a toxic gas, only a gastight chemical protection suit should be used, never a splash-guard suit or splash-tight suit.

Selection guide for Hazmat and Splash Suits

With the just mentioned five questions, you get a first impression of what is important to select your protective suit. If you need a concrete product recommendation, our CPS selection tool might help:

CPS selection tool


Dräger VOICE: your hazardous substance database

Dräger VOICE is an essential tool for gaining expert knowledge on the safe handling of hazmats. It brings you up-to-date information on more than 1,700 hazardous substances and their physiochemical characteristics – and helps you protect your team in their work environments. Simply type a substance name into the tool and get vital information including workplace exposure limits, recommended gas detection solutions and recommended respiratory and chemical protection equipment.

Our protective suits: quality materials for your highest demands

Hazmat Suits and Splash Suits - D-mex
D-mex™ – maximum protection even under severe conditions

Material layers: 1 CSM Outer coating | 2 Barrier film | 3 Support fabric | 4 Barrier film | 5 CSM Inner coating

– Reusable
– Mechanically extremely strong and resilient yet lightweight and flexible
– The highest penetration times against industrial chemicals, warfare agents, etc.
– Does not become brittle in contact with deep cold substances
– Flame retardant and self-extinguishing even in open flames
– D-mex is used for the chemical suits of the CPS 7x00 series

D-mex™ is a registered Trademark

Hazmat Suits and Splash Suits - Symex
Symex – good resistance to acids, alkalis and oils

Material layers: 1 CSM Outer coating | 2 Support fabric | 3 CSM Inner coating

– Reusable
– Lightweight material
– Highly flexible and resistant to abrasion
– Symex is used for the chemical suit WorkMaster Industry 

Hazmat Suits and Splash Suits - Umex
Umex – particularly suitable when working with chlorine and ammonia

Material layers: 1 PU Outer coating | 2 Support fabric | 3 PU Inner coating

– Reusable
– Lightweight and soft material
– Does not become brittle in contact with deep cold substances
– Umex is used for the chemical suits of the CPS 6x00 series

Hazmat Suits and Splash Suits - Zytron 500
Zytron* 500 – high level of protection against various hazardous goods

Material layers: 1 Barrier film | 2 Support tiles | 3 Barrier films

– Disposable material for work with low mechanical stress
– High level of daily comfort, as flexible and very light
– High penetration times for industrial chemicals and warfare agents
– Zytron is used for the chemical suits of the CPS 5x00 series

*Zytron® is a registered trademark of Kappler Inc.

Hazmat Suits and Splash Suits - CLF
CLF – ideal for handling liquids and solids

Material layers: 1 Physical stabilisation film | 2 Barrier film | 3 Physical stabilisation film | 4 Entangled-Nonwoven

– Disposable material for work with low mechanical stress
– Good protection against organic and highly concentrated inorganic hazardous substances
– Particularly low weight
– High wearing comfort due to very soft material properities with low noise level
– CLF is used for the splash suits of the SPC 4x00 series

Hazmat Suits and Splash Suits - cpm-3-2-9041764.jpg
CPM – Ideal for use with infectious agents and acids

Material layers: 1 Barrier film | 2 Spunbonded Polypropylene

– Disposable material for work with low mechanical stress
– Particularly low weight
– CPM is used for the splash suits of the SPC 4x00 series

Hazmat Suits and Splash Suits - PVC
Inner coating PVC – good protection against low concentrations of acids and alkalis

Material layers: 1 PVC Outer coating | 2 Support fabric | 3 PVC

– Reusable
– Highly flexible and resistant to tears
– Liquid tight even in strong liquid jets (e.g. pressure washer)
– PVC is used for the splash suits SPC 2400

Hazmat Suits and Splash Suits - Flexothane
Flexothane* – good level of protection against crude oil, machine oil, kerosene, paint and dust

Material layers: 1 PU coating | 2 Support fabric

– Reusable
– Lightweight and flexible
– Water vapor permeable
– PVC is used for the splash suits SPC 2400

 *Registered trademark of Sioen

Get to know our hazmat suits even better

Dräger Production Site for chemical protective suitsPlay video

Production site for protective suits

Producing protective suits is a task that calls for precision. Customized, made from one of the most resistant textiles and tested for tightness, as each suit must proof that it is really fully functional.

Dräger hazmat suitsPlay video

Useful insights to our hazmat suits

Learn more about gas-tight and waterproof hazmat suits in this short introduction to the Dräger range.

Dräger CPS 7800 - A chemical protective suit tested thoroughlyPlay video

Dräger CPS 7800 – a chemical protective suit tested thoroughly

During the development of a new product it has to pass through extensive tests and improvement steps in order to not just meet the requirements of our customers but to even exceed their expectations. Have an exciting deeper insight into the world of testing of the Dräger CPS 7800.

More product details for on the go
Chemical protective suits brochure

Dräger chemical protective suits – all at a glance.

Download now
PDF 1.16 MB
A hot topic: Heat stress in protective suits
Heat stress in protective suits

Inside a chemical protective suit this system is put under pressure – and in the worst case the protective shell itself can become a risk. Learn what we do to reduce the stress for the wearer.

Download now
PDF 1.87 MB
Safe handling of contaminated personal protective equipment
Handling contaminated ppe poster

See the infographic with seven instructions for safe handling.

Download now
PDF 136 KB

Good reasons for selecting Dräger hazmat suits

Gas-tight chemical protective suits Dräger CPS 7800 with Panorama Nova

Optimal solutions for every task

Through a broad range of models and innovative accessories we offer tailor-made solutions which provide highest level of protection against most gases, liquids and particles – even under severe conditions.

Chemical protection suit CPS 7900

Safe, wherever you go

Thanks to unique materials which are mechanically extremely strong and come with highest penetration times Dräger is the right choice for applications regarding unknown conditions.

Hazmat suits CPS 6800

Proven quality since 1957

With more than 60 years of experience, we are able to offer you reliable hazmat suits that meet your expectations. Our products ensure high user acceptance in combination with low total cost of ownership.

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