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Dräger PSS® AirBoss – great usability - Firefighters in an incident

Dräger PSS® AirBoss – great usability


Nothing will hold you down

Unstoppable is being able to move freely – whatever the task is. Therefore, we designed the new Dräger PSS® AirBoss to maximise freedom of movement and minimise weight.

Firefighters of different sizes

Height adjustment for high flexibility

A three-step height adjustment ensures firefighters of all shapes and sizes a better fit, for a greater range of movement and less physical strain.

Firefighters on stairs

Freedom of movement

The new Dräger PSS® AirBoss carrying system with pivoting waist belt gives you natural flexibility and lets you easily navigate through tight spaces. Its sliding mechanism correctly positions the SCBA on your back without exposing it by pulling your coat up when bending down.

Walking firefighters

Push the weight down

The Dräger PSS® AirBoss is arguably one of the lightest firefighting SCBA of its class. But lightweight is not only about kilos and grammes – but also about how equipment is carried. The new space frame design makes it easier on the wearer by bringing the centre of gravity down to the wearer’s hip.

Firefighter carrying AirBoss

Reduced profile

Our new space frame design also brings the cylinder closer to the wearer’s back. Making it easier to navigate through tight spaces.

One of our strengths: Usability

Dräger PSS® AirBoss – great usability - Dräger PSS AirBoss Strengths Video Usability

Usability explained

The easier it is to use our products the more their users can focus on their task.

Dräger PSS AirBoss Product Information

Get to know the Dräger PSS® AirBoss even better

Want to know more about our premium SCBA? Download here our detailed product information.


Brochure PSS AirBoss

Want to know more about our system solution? Download here our detailed system brochure.


Related strengths

Firefighter using Dräger PSS AirBoss SCBA with Bodyguard


Be aware of the danger early– with connective technology.

Firefighters during a call


Safety measures that let you focus on getting your job done.

Attaching cylinder to Draeger PSS Airboss as part of maintenance


Get your equipment ready for action in less time.

Dräger PSS® AirBoss – Unstoppable - Firefighter bending sideways wearing Dräger PSS AirBoss SCBA

Dräger PSS® AirBoss – Unstoppable

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