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Workplace Emergency Preparedness - Emergency escape and rescue solutions worker using Parat 4920/X-am 2500

Workplace Emergency Preparedness

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Be optimally prepared for emergencies in workplaces

in your industrial plant critical situations can arise at any time. All the more important is a detailed emergency plan, regular team training and the right escape & rescue equipment. This enables a rapid reaction and an effective emergency response. We support your emergency preparedness in the workplace with structured emergency management, specific escape equipment and professional emergency training.

Professional management of emergency plans

We know that sudden and fully unplanned situations with hazardous substances can occur within seconds and no escape-scenario is the same. Chemical and industrial plants are subject to high safety requirements, where safety managers have to manage the remaining risks in the best possible way. However, if serious incidents arise, such as toxic gas accumulation, exceeding explosion limits or other life-threatening events, emergency preparedness and emergency plans must be effective.

Emergency preparedness in the workplace

A functioning safety culture consists of solid risk analysis and planning, the right technical equipment, and particularly well-prepared and trained employees. A detailed escape and rescue plan is the basis for all measures emergency teams or plant fire brigades need to take in case of an incident.

Dräger offers you an extensive range of consulting and planning services for your safety management. We can support you with work-based alarm and hazard prevention plans, evacuation procedures and emergency plans.

Dräger solutions for escape and rescue operations

Dräger offers reliable personal protective equipment, rescue and escape chambers, know-how and realistic emergency training to help you cope with the the incident at hand.

Our filtering escape devices, for example, protect both your breathing and eyes from harmful gases released in a fire. Dräger escape hoods are easy to use even without training and provide the wearer with up to 15 minutes of protection to evacuate to a safe location.


Filtering Escape Devices

  • Product type
  • Filter type
  • Escape time
  • Industrial escape hood

  • ABEK P3

  • min. 15 minutes

  • Fire escape hood

  • CO P2

  • min. 15 minutes

  • Industrial and fire escape hood

  • ABEK CO P3

  • min. 15 minutes

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Compressed-air escape devices and oxygen self-rescuer

Self-contained breathing devices provide a clean air supply that is independent from ambient air. They are used when hazardous substances occur at high concentrations and/or oxygen is depleted and allow an escape time of up to 15 minutes. Especially when working underground, a longer escape time is necessary to reach safety. This is where the oxygen self rescuers come in with an escape time of up to an hour.

Dräger Saver CF

Dräger Saver CF

The Dräger Saver CF constant flow Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus allows safe, effective and uncomplicated escape from hazardous environments. Simple to put on and featuring automatic operation, this hood-based, constant flow breathing device can be used with minimal training.

Product details

Dräger PAS® Colt

Dräger PAS® Colt

Combining versatility, ease of use and the latest in breathing apparatus design, Dräger’s PAS® Colt is among the most technologically advanced short duration and emergency escape units available.

Product details

Dräger Oxy 3000/6000 MK III

The oxygen self-rescuers Dräger Oxy 3000 and 6000 MK III are easy and fast to handle under extreme conditions and are service-free for up to 10 years while being worn. The unique safety eye provides you the ability to check the device without additional tools. The Oxy series provides breathing protection according to the highest standards since ...

Product details

Escape equipment dust protection

How to choose the right escape breathing device

In Drägers World of Respiratory Protection you can find a useful selection guide showing the different types of escape and rescue devices. Learn more about respiratory protection and get tips on correct use and other important topics you should consider.

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Emergency and rescue training as part of emergency plans

Emergency and rescue training

Good training, for example, with product-user training, or hazard and fire simulations help you to remain calm and keep track of high-stress situations. This makes it easier to make the right decisions in case of emergencies.

Emergency preparedness: Refuge chambers and rooms

Safety and rescue shelters

During an emergency in mining or tunnel construction, refuge or rescue chambers create a breathable atmosphere in a sealed room until help arrives. They are available as a standard version or according to your requirements with special equipment and devices.

Dräger "Safety & Emergency Management"(Industry) - Keep your company running!

Dräger Safety & Emergency Management

Reduce process-related risks and be adequately prepared for the event of an emergency  situation. The Dräger Academy offers a variety of customised consulting and planning services such as training courses and drills.

Dräger Parat 5500 Speed Contest

Every second counts

In an emergency there’s no time to waste. That's why we have made further improvements to the Dräger PARAT® 5500 escape hood — making it even more intuitive to use.

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