Module 7: Endocrine System – Wednesday, November 10th, 2021, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM (Dubai Time)


Endocrine disorders are common in infants in the neonatal ICU. They often are associated with prematurity, low birth weight or very low birth weight, and small size for gestational age. They also frequently occur in infants who are critically ill or stressed. This webinar will describe the most common conditions, such as Hyperglycaemia and Hypocalaemia, and current knowledge regarding management using Cortisol and oxytocin. We will also address neonatal jaundice and the developmental issues associated with it. As a technology insight we will demonstrate how to screen for jaundice and to use gentle and effective phototherapy treatment when needed.

The lecture will be presented by Linda Pretorius, Developmental Care Consultant, South Africa and hands-on demonstration will be performed with Dräger Jaundice Meter JM105 and phototherapy light Bililux by Margarita Singer, Regional Marketing Manager Neonatal Care, Dräger.

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