Live Webinar Series: Electrical Impedance Tomography and Image Guided Lung Protection

One of the major challenges of caring for ventilated patients in the intensive care unit is to find the appropriate individual ventilation settings for each patient. With our approach of image-guided lung protection using Electrical Impedance Tomography, you can now see the previously unseen – and truly personalize ventilation to ensure lung protective ventilation. This can help void negative effects known as ventilator-associated lung injuries (VALI), which often contribute to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

Join us for a series of webinars to learn more about EIT and the tools to optimize and personalize mechanical ventilation.


Webinar 1: Clinical Benefits Provided by Regional Ventilation Monitoring – Thursday, June 3rd 2:00 – 4:00 PM (Dubai time)

A lung-protective ventilation strategy requires optimal PEEP and tidal volume settings. Finding and maintaining these crucial settings during therapy is challenging – even for experienced clinicians. Global parameters such as tidal volume or lung compliance, which reflect the condition of the lung as a whole, do not provide a continuous picture of the patient's pulmonary function. During this webinar we will discuss how continuous regional information provides an assessment of how different lung regions respond to therapeutic interventions over time. We will also introduce The Electrical Impedance Tomograph PulmoVista 500 that facilitates the development of individualized therapy.

The lecture will be presented by Margarita Singer, Regional Marketing Manager Intensive Care, Dräger and hands-on demonstration will be performed with Dräger PulmoVista 500 EIT monitor.



Webinar 2: Image Guided Lung Protection and Recruitment Maneuvers with EIT – Tuesday, July 6th 2:00 – 4:00 PM (Dubai time)

Image-guided lung protection offers the opportunity for personalized ventilation. The combination of the Evita® V800 ventilator with the lung function monitor PulmoVista® 500 allows you to visualize possible adverse effects of mechanical ventilation. During this webinar we will demonstrate how to find a compromise between alveolar overdistension and collapse and maximize the benefits of recruitment maneuvers. 

The lecture and hands-on demonstration will be performed with Dräger PulmoVista 500 EIT, by Margarita Singer, Regional Marketing Manager Intensive Care, Dräger.



Webinar 3: Transpulmonary and Esophagus Pressure Measurement with PulmoVista 500 – Thursday, August 5th, 2021 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (Dubai time)

An important part to find individualized ventilation therapy is the correct estimation of lung elastance. Transpulmonary Pressure (Ptp) and esophageal pressure (Pes) allow discriminating the elastic behavior of the lung and the chest wall, calculating the degree of spontaneous respiratory effort and determining the maximum stress on the lung tissue.

During this webinar we will share how Dräger PressurePod can be connected to PulmoVista 500 to provide information about the Airway Pressure, Esophageal Pressure and Gastric Pressure of your patient. We will also discuss how you can analyze the derived parameters like the transpulmonary driving pressure to assess the lung mechanics.

The lecture hands-on demonstration will be performed by Eckhard Teschner, Senior Product Manager, Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA, Germany.


For more details please refer to the Electrical Impedance Tomography and Image Guided Lung Protection website.

Nurse checks on patient’s medical ventilator in ICU

Medical Ventilators and Lung Monitoring

Visualising the effects of mechanical ventilation with the Evita® V800 and the PulmoVista® 500

Image-guided Lung Protection

Visualising the effects of mechanical ventilation with the Evita® V800 and the PulmoVista® 500

Electrical Impedance Tomography


Speaker Profile:

Eckhard Teschner – Senior Product Manager, EIT

Eckhard Teschner has an engineering background but he has also worked in emergency care and the intensive care environment.

He joined Dräger in 1999 and has been the responsible Senior Product Manager for Dräger’s EIT technology project since its launch in 2001. 

Eckhard Teschner has initialized or accompanied more than 80 scientific, preclinical and clinical collaborations with international experts in lung mechanics and mechanical ventilation. He has been present during more than 200 EIT measurements on intensive care patients who were in many cases suffering from severe respiratory dysfunctions. He is author and co-author of several publications on technical or clinical aspects of EIT, or PulmoVista 500, respectively.

He is member of the TRanslational EIT developmeNt stuDy (TREND) group consisting of pre-eminent researchers and clinical leaders using chest EIT collaborating on the clinical promotion of EIT.


Speaker Profile:

Margarita Singer, Regional Marketing Manager Intensive Care, Dräger

Margarita is a highly experienced healthcare marketing professional with experience across Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa regions. Margarita is a global certified trainer for mechanical ventilation and intensive care, conducting both clinical and technical trainings for nurses, biomedical engineers and neonatologists. 

She has successfully conducted trainings on mechanical ventilation in India, South Africa, Indonesia and Australia. She has a deep understanding of the clinical challenges in the ICU environment and knows how to adapt her trainings to meet the needs of various groups of participants.

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