Webinar 1: Clinical Benefits Provided by Regional Ventilation Monitoring – Thursday, June 3rd 2:00 – 4:00 PM (Dubai time)


A lung-protective ventilation strategy requires optimal PEEP and tidal volume settings. Finding and maintaining these crucial settings during therapy is challenging – even for experienced clinicians. Global parameters such as tidal volume or lung compliance, which reflect the condition of the lung as a whole, do not provide a continuous picture of the patient's pulmonary function. During this webinar we will discuss how continuous regional information provides an assessment of how different lung regions respond to therapeutic interventions over time. We will also introduce The Electrical Impedance Tomograph PulmoVista 500 that facilitates the development of individualized therapy.

The lecture will be presented by Margarita Singer, Regional Marketing Manager Intensive Care, Dräger and hands-on demonstration will be performed with Dräger PulmoVista 500 EIT monitor.

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