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Always an essential part of your acute care

Our high quality disposable and reusable accessories can help manage infection control and support the care and comfort of the patient. The products are easy to use and balance administrative challenges. Within the critical care areas of the hospital, Dräger consumables are able to withstand the hectic healthcare environment while maintaining their ability to support all patients, regardless of age, from admission to discharge.


Something you can count on: Original Accessories by Dräger

Every day, you’re faced with enormous time and cost challenges. You need medical accessories which you can rely on, which keep your equipment running smoothly and which help you improve your processes – so you can guarantee best possible care of your patients.

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Infection Prevention and Control: Preventing healthcare associated infections

Patients are vulnerable to infections due to their weak immune system. 7% of hospitalised patients in developed countries and 10% in developing countries will acquire at least one health care-associated infection1. 20%-30% of nosocomial infections could be prevented with suitable hygiene measures2. Therefore, breaking the chain of contamination is an important step in preventing nosocomial infections.

Customer reference video – Infection Management to prevent nosocomial infections

In this video, you’ll find out how Klinkum Magdeburg, a hospital in Germany, deals with Infection Management to prevent nosocomial infections in their hospital.

desinfection-of hands-in-a-hospital-3-2-D-3488-2018.jpg

Minimise the risk of nosocomial infections

Our devices are optimised to effectively break the chain of infection, with their design and range of matching disposable accessories and consumables.

Portfolio Highlights

Draeger Set2Go and Pack2Go

Accessory Sets (Set2Go & Pack2Go)

Draeger Mechanical Filters

SafeStar® Plus Mechanical Filters

Draeger Electrostatic Filter

CareStar® Plus Electrostatic Filters


TwinStar® Plus Filter/HME

Draeger Electrocardiography ECG

Electrocardiography (ECG) (Single patient use & Monolead)

Draeger Non invasive blood pressure cuffs

Non invasive blood pressure cuffs (NIBP)

Draeger Tcore Temperature Monitoring System

Tcore Temperature Monitoring System

Draeger Pulse Oximetry SpO2

Pulse Oximetry (SPO2)

Draeger WaterLock 2

WaterLock 2


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  2. How many nosocomial infections are avoidable? Gastmeier P et al., Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 2010; 135(03): 91 – 93

Our Consumables & Accessories: Quality, reliability and performance you can rely

Each original accessory from Dräger doesn't just fulfil all the official quality standards, it is also measured with the strict internal quality standards at Dräger accredited Test Center. It takes about 100,000 load cycle tests before a consumable or accessory is available for our customers.

In addition to these tests, we also test the accessories which are developed to be used with the device, but also our consumable portfolio for compatibility with its medical devices. This is done in order to improve consistent operational performance and to reduce compatibility risk, thus ensuring patient safety.  

In order to improve consistent operational performance, to unlock the full potential of your equipment and to reduce compatibility risk thus ensuring patient safety, Dräger not only tests the accessories which are developed to be used with the device, but also its consumable portfolio for compatibility with its medical devices. A Declaration of Compatibility certifies that a certain product has been tested in combination with the corresponding device.

Accessories are tested with Dräger medical devices accord­ing to IEC 60601-2-13 and EN ISO 8835. Only use Dräger approved accessories and consumables with Dräger devices, otherwise the correct functioning and performance might be compromised.

Down to the smallest detail - Infection prevention and control and hospital accessories

In this video, you’ll learn the complexity of reprocessing and how we invest much effort into the smallest details to support infection prevention and control during

  • Research and Development
  • Test Centers
  • Production

Portfolio Highlights

Draeger WaterLock 2

WaterLock 2

Draeger Flow Sensor Accurate and intelligent flow measurement

Flow Sensor

Draeger Oxygen Sensor Capsule

Oxygen Sensor Capsule

Draeger Tcore Temperature Monitoring System

Tcore Temperature Monitoring System


Aquapor H300


Helping to shape a more sustainable future

As a family entrepreneur, the things I do today, I want to be able to explain to my children tomorrow.”

  - Stefan Dräger, Chairman of the Executive Board

For us, sustainability reaches beyond our company grounds. It means creating the best possible conditions for our customers, business partners, employees – and our planet as a whole.

As Your Specialist in Acute Care, this is our commitment. This is the responsibility we have for a healthier environment.


Hospitals play an important role in achieving national climate targets. If healthcare was a country, it would be the world’s 5th largest emitter with emissions of 4.4% of global greenhouse gases.1

Large amounts of waste are generated during the medical care of patients. For example in Germany, hospitals are the fifth largest producer of waste and also US hospitals produce more than 8 kg of waste per bed per day.2

Dräger aims to make hospital consumables and accessories sustainable across the whole product life cycle in order to sustainably reduce waste.

What are the sustainability efforts in the field of hospital consumables & accessories? Download our sustainability infographic below and learn more!
Sustainability-DraegerHQ-3-2-D-11012-2009_and Evcovadis.jpg

Friendly and Responsible to both patients and the environment

As described in our Sustainability Report, we have embraced numerous measures to create the best possible conditions for working in an environmentally friendly manner. In recognition of our continuous efforts, we have, once again, been awarded with the EcoVadis Gold Medal for 2022. Click below to view the 2021 Dräger sustainability report. 

Product Highlights

We attach great importance to sustainable products. These are some of our sustainability efforts to make our contribution:

- Avoiding materials of concern (e.g. Latex, DEHP and PVC)

- Eco-conscious product design

- Mitigating transport emissions

Discover some of our sustainable products for Adult to Neonatal patient applications


Filter and HME combination (TwinStar)


Filters HEPA (SafeStar)


Filters Electrostatic (CareStar)


Anaesthesia Sets and Breathing Circuits with Watertrap


Soda Lime Drägersorb 800+


Anaesthesia masks


Neonatal Ventilation Accessories


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  2.  Plasticisers for medical applications: Plasticisers for medical applications – PVCMed Alliance

60% - 80% of mechanically ventilated patients in the ICU are affected by delirium. Patients should be comfortable, calm and able to cooperatively engage with caregivers and family at all times2.

In order to achieve that, we want to:

  • Improve sleep quality3
  • Reduce asynchrony
  • Improve patient ventilation synchrony
  • Reduce complications4
  • Shorter stay in the ICU5
  • Reduce risk of infection6,7

Rotation strategies can improve NIV tolerance

There're two key factors involved in a successful NIV treatment. They are:

Rotation of mask type

Studies have proven that alternating different mask types improves the effectiveness of treatment when treating acute respiratory failure.

Choice of interface

Selecting the correct type of interface greatly reduces painful skin breakdown and ulcerations. Thus, an alternating interface strategy not only reduces the points of highest pressure, but also improves NIV tolerance and efficacy8,9.

Friendly and responsible to patients

Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) is a synthetic chemical belonging to a family known as phthalates, which is used to make plastics more flexible.

Due to the overuse of DEHP in many products, it enters and pollutes the environment through release from industrial settings and plastic waste disposal sites. DEHP can enter the body through inhalation, ingestion, and dermal contact on a daily basis, which raises concerns about its potential effects on human health2.

As DEHP is currently under increasing scrutiny by regulatory and medical authorities, a range of DEHP alternatives have been approved by the European Pharmacopeia, and are now made available for nearly all medical applications3.

For many years, we have minimised the usage of substances of concern. Nearly all of our hospital consumables and accessories are now free of latex, PVC and DEHP.

Portfolio Highlights

Draeger Non invasive ventilation Masks

Non invasive ventilation Masks

Draeger HI Flow Star System

HI-Flow Star

Draeger Tcore Temperature Monitoring System

Tcore Temperature Monitoring System

Draeger Seattle PAP plus

Seattle PAP plus – Bubble CPAP System


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Increase work efficiency and cost savings

Quality management and process optimisation become increasingly important in the different areas at the hospital. In order to help you achieve that, we offer various solutions:


With our Set2go solutions, we offer complete customized sets consisting of an individual selection of single-patient-use accessories. You just need one article number to get all the items in a single package.


Our consumables are not intended just for one specific Dräger device but can be used for nearly every Dräger device – and even across wards. This means for you:

  • Your logistics are simplified
  • This saves you labour, cost and time


We are a global company which is well-represented by our sales & service employees in over 190 countries. Furthermore, our logistics chain ensures delivery reliability.

Optimization of clinical processes - Infection prevention and control and hospital accessories

The subject of hygiene is serious, huge and incredibly complex. Because even if everything is supposed to be clean, the danger is invisible. Increasing number of tasks and high workloads are often the reason for hospital germs and it is often an immense burden to keep everything in mind that is necessary for clinical everyday life. A hygiene plan contains practical guidelines for patient protection in the form of work instructions.

Reference Case: Infection Management to prevent nosocomial infections

Each year about 400,000 to 600,000 patients fall ill with nosocomial infections in Germany. Affected patients have increased morbidity. According to the National Surveillance Center (NRZ) about 20 to 30 per cent of these infections could be prevented with suitable hygiene measures.

Portfolio Highlights

Draeger Set2Go and Pack2Go

Accessory Sets (Set2Go & Pack2Go)

Drägersorb 800+ soda lime

Drägersorb® 800+ – Soda Lime

Draegersorb Free Soda Lime

Drägersorb Free

Draeger RFID Accessories

Infinity® ID RFID Accessories - Accessories that actively cooperate

Draeger Tcore Temperature Monitoring System

Tcore Temperature Monitoring System

Draeger Electrocardiography ECG

Electrocardiography (ECG) (Single patient use & Monolead)

Take a look at our integrated solutions

Patient connected to operating room device; many accessories attached.

Operating Room Accessories

Neonatal ventilation accessories help care for premature baby in the NICU

Neonatal Care Accessories

Nurse fits patient with a HI-Flow Star high flow nasal cannula

Ventilation Accessories

Patient connected to monitoring devices

Patient Monitoring Accessories

Customer Reference Cases

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PPE in the Hospital

During the pandemic, the use of the appropriate PPE when in contact with patients is key. The World Health Organization (WHO) published an interim guidance “Infection prevention and control during health care when COVID-19 is suspected” which names the appropriate PPE when in contact with patients.

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