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Neonatal Care

Our neonatal care technology enables you as caregivers to deliver life-sustaining, non-invasive, developmental care to neonates in a nurturing and supportive environment. Our goal is to help you improve patient outcomes during the newborn’s golden hour, transport flow and NICU stay while supporting you and the baby’s parents with training material and educational resources.

Our Solutions


Dräger Babyroo® TN300

Dräger Babylog VN800 0

Dräger Babylog® VN800

Ventilators and Lung Monitoring

Dräger aims to always help you meet medical challenges – and our innovative intensive care ventilators and lung monitors are no exception. Our high-performance Evita ventilators are configurable, upgradeable and include advanced training and service concepts – offering you a complete solution for effective ventilation treatments.

Our Solutions

Draeger Evita V800 0

Dräger Evita® V800

Draeger PulmoVista 500

Dräger PulmoVista® 500

Anaesthesia Machines

As Your Specialist in Acute Care, we make sure to focus on your daily challenges. That’s why we’ve designed a wide spectrum of anaesthesia machines with ergonomic design and user-friendly operation that can be configured to your individual needs – such as the new ATLAN family.

Our Solutions


Dräger Atlan® A350/A350 XL

Draeger Infinity Acute Care System

Infinity® Acute Care System

Patient Monitoring & Systems

At Dräger, we understand that today’s dynamic healthcare environment requires solutions that expand on clinical value while containing costs. That’s why we provide products and software that help improve workflow efficiency – such as our patient monitoring systems – that help you create integrated, economical and productive workflows across acute care departments, on a hospital-wide scale.

Our Solutions

Draeger Mobile Patient Watch 4-3

Mobile Patient Watch


Device Utilization Analytics

Accessories & Consumables

Our high quality disposable and reusable accessories can help manage infection control and support the care and comfort of the patient. The products are easy to use and balance administrative challenges.

Our Solutions

Image 1

Aquapor H300


TwinStar® Plus Filter/HME

Draeger Mechanical Filters

SafeStar® Plus Mechanical Filters

Draeger Electrostatic Filter

CareStar® Plus Electrostatic Filters

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