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Training and Education

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Improving Acute Care through Education

At Dräger, “Technology for Life” goes beyond providing quality equipment. It also includes teaching you to use our technology in a way that can help you improve critical care in your hospital. That’s why training is an integral part of the support we provide. We understand that your people are the vital link between our life-saving technology and your patients.

Dräger is committed to providing education and training tools that are designed to make the most of your clinical resources. By transferring our knowledge and expertise, we can help your staff use our devices more effectively and confidently — which can ultimately help you improve clinical outcomes, manage the cost of care, ensure staff satisfaction, and improve the patient experience.

A true comprehensive approach


Expert knowledge:

Internationally experienced trainers provide up-to-date know-how – as much theory as necessary, as much practice as possible

Comprehensive education:

Choose exactly the training you need. We offer a modular approach to education and tailored training content. The different areas include basic device training, application training and technical training.


Blended learning:

We combine traditional “classroom” training with practical exercises, realistic simulations and web-based online modules.

Consistent quality:

A global ‘train the trainer’ approach ensures the same high level of knowledge for participants at any location.

State-of-the-art training facilities:

Get immersed in the latest technological advancements while working directly with the equipment in our state-of-the-art training centres in the Middle East and Africa.



In our educational webinars, you will get insight into many current topics in healthcare, including IT and wireless strategy, critical care practices, and more. These free webinars are presented by some of the top doctors and medical professionals from hospitals and health systems. 

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