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Healing Architecture

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Improving clinical outcome through care-centred workplaces

A healing environment is desirable for patients and for caregivers alike. One element is the physical space in which healing is practiced1: an advanced workplace design in terms of healing environment offers for example, hidden medical technology, a pleasant room design with colour concepts, appropriate lighting, a good acoustic environment, as well as well-planned floor layouts and work settings. All these modifications are associated with healing architecture and improved healthcare outcomes2.


Staff Satisfaction by designing care-centred workplaces

Evidence-based design (EBD) uses information from research to optimize surgery and patient rooms, e.g. regarding lighting, noise, infection prevention, etc. Therefore, EBD in hospitals could significantly improve outcomes and make patient and staff environments healthier3. Healthcare workers have a central role in patient care and thus are key in providing input on facility projects that deal with healing architecture.


Healing Environment and its influence

Healing design could not only impact patient safety and outcomes, but also staff satisfaction and financial outcome4. Our Infographic summarizes the multimodal influences of a healing environment.

Case Studies

Workplace Design at Nottingham Hospital, UK

Simply Good Light – Hospital Aachen, Germany

Infection Prevention – Hospital Magdeburg, Germany

Streamlined clinical workflow – Sunderby Hospital, Sweden

Our Workplace Examples

Get an overview about innovative planning examples which have already been implemented at hospitals.

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