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  • How to set ventilator and wean COVID-19 patients
  • Individualize Mechanical Ventilation Therapy
  • Non-Invasive Ventilation supports in hypoxemic patients
  • Non-Invasive Respiratory Support and Assessment of Lung Mechanics
  • Determinants of VILI during ventilation and spontaneous breathing
  • Approaches of how to reduce VILI
  • Airway Pressure Release Ventilation
  • Clinical benefits provided by regional ventilation monitoring
  • Operation and Configuration of an EIT (electrical impedance tomography) monitor
  • Clinical interpretation of EIT Data
  • Transpulmonary Pressure Monitoring
  • Weaning of patients quick and safe
  • SmartCare Pressure Support
  • Mandatory Minute Ventilation
  • Variable Pressure Support & Proportional Pressure Support
  • Early Mobilisation
  • High Flow Oxygen therapy

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