Dräger AFS 5000

​The gas-powered aircraft fire simulator Dräger AFS 5000 is the economical solution for efficient and realistic training. Thanks to a wide range of scenarios, it is suitable for trainees and advanced students. With the AFS 5000, all requirements for a training facility in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization can be met.

New standards in aircraft firefighting

​The Dräger AFS 5000 is one of the most efficient aircraft fire simulators on the market. Thanks to its compact design, it takes up little space and saves you time-consuming earthworks. It can be set up on paved surfaces and does not require any underground installation. If necessary, the entire system can be dismantled and reassembled at another location. The dummy aircraft of the Dräger AFS 5000 is made of heat- and weather-resistant steel. The robust material ensures a long lifetime and low maintenance. During and after each exercise, an integrated sprinkler system cools the wing and fuselage sections of the dummy.

Realistic fire simulations

​With its diverse scenarios, the Dräger AFS 5000 offers realistic training conditions. The entire system is controlled by radio remote control or touch screen. Each fire point of the dummy aircraft is ignited separately or in combination with other components. The flame intensity can be adjusted (optionally) in three steps or continuously. The spread of the fire including the fire intensity (flame height) can be controlled by the trainer or automatically.

Safety by control

​A fully automatic control system guarantees the highest possible safety of the training. This also includes the environmentally friendly operation with propane. In an emergency, the gas supply is immediately cut off by means of an emergency switch. In this way, turbine, hydraulic and wheel fires or fires of leaking aircraft fuel can be realistically simulated with maximum safety.

Optional equipment

​For the simulation of firefighting in the aircraft, various extension modules are available for the AFS 5000. These include the optional equipment of the aircraft body with a realistic aircraft cabin including typical cabin fires and the possibility of artificial smoke generation, so that interior firefighting (interior attack) as well as search & rescue exercises can be trained with different manikins. Replicas of aircraft doors also enable the training of door opening scenarios.


Training Systems Brochure, en
Training Systems Brochure, en


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