​Adapt acute care workstations ideally to your specific needs with our Ambia® ceiling-mounted supply unit. With its numerous accessories and wide range of variation options, the Ambia ensures you maximum flexibility at the workplace. This not only helps to improve hospital workflows, but also increases the well-being of staff and patients alike.

The art and science of care-centred workplace design

​Relieving the burden on staff and increasing patient well-being are important plus points in the development of the Dräger Ambia®. The ceiling supply unit offers more space for attaching medical equipment thanks to its innovative mounting concept. The mounting concept is designed so that changes to the workplace can easily be made on site, allowing the supply unit to be adapted quickly and easily to individual requirements. Its rounded design improves the cleaning process and thus ensures more safety against infections in the acute workplace. The numerous colour design and lighting options create a friendlier atmosphere in the patient room. 

Workplace customisation

The design of a facility/structure with its fixed and moveable components can have a significant impact on human performance, especially on the health and safety of employees, patients, and families.1

The well-being of patients and the efficiency of clinical processes in turn affect the healing process and staff satisfaction. That is why our holistic approach to designing medical workplaces with modern planning tools always takes the needs of patients and clinical staff into account.

Ambia supports you ideally in your therapies by being individually adaptable to the challenges of an acute workplace. A large selection of workstation components allows you to equip it according to your requirements – from heavy-duty systems for the OR to complex designs for intensive care units and small variants for the emergency room. This optimises workflows and thus leads to a reduction in workload and increased staff satisfaction. Ambia can be used both as a stand-alone unit and in combination with other ceiling supply units or OR lights.

  • With its large portfolio of media heads and columns in different lengths and sizes, Ambia offers full flexibility and adaptability. Ambia meets a wide range of requirements and can be installed in the ICU, NICU and operating theatre.
  • Optimal use of space is achieved by mounting medical equipment on all four frame rails.
  • The free positioning of electrical and gas outlets without predefined grids make it possible to place more outlets on a media column or head. A safety distance of 200mm is necessary when placing gas and electrical outlets next to each other.
  • A wide range of workplace components, with the option of flexible component positioning, makes Ambia adaptable to future requirements.

Healing supportive environment

​Stress experienced by patients is an important negative outcome, which directly and adversely affects many other healthcare outcomes.2

To improve patient outcomes, we want to help you create a healing supportive environment in your care unit with Ambia, in which your patients feel more comfortable, which in turn motivates your staff.

Ambia offers numerous design options for your workplace, such as:

  • A variety of colours and decors, with a modern and appealing design.
  • Wooden decors and harmoniously designed themes for drawers that fit into any room concept.
  • Lighting options that meet your needs and can be switched on or off with a simple swipe gesture.
  • Warm and glare-free indirect ceiling and floor light for staff orientation, without disturbing the patient.
  • A calming therapy atmosphere thanks to the RGB light version. 
  • An integrated working light that allows staff to work at night without disturbing the patient. 
  • Frame rails at each corner to place medical equipment out of the patient's field of vision (e.g. by attaching the suction to the back of the supply unit).
1. Hughes RG, editor. Patient Safety and Quality: An Evidence-Based Handbook for Nurses. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2008 Apr. Available from: John Reiling, Ronda G. Hughes, Mike R. Murphy; Chapter 28. The Impact of Facility Design on Patient Safety 
2. Ulrich R S, et. al; A Review of the Research Literature on Evidence-Based Healthcare Design. Article in HERD · April 2008 DOI: 10.1177/193758670800100306 · Source: PubMed

User-friendly ergonomics

​Good ergonomics yields improved performance and productivity. Research evidence over the past 25 years consistently shows an average of 12 % improvement in performance when a comprehensive approach to ergonomics is applied to workplaces.3

Efficient and stringent workplace and device design can help ensure optimal patient care. A clearly structured and ergonomic workplace can minimise operating errors, improve clinical outcomes and facilitate the daily work of your staff.

  • The Ambia offers the possibility of mounting equipment at any possible position on the column, so the workstation is ideally aligned to the needs of clinical staff right from the design stage.
  • High flexibility and manoeuvrability allow the Ambia to adapt quickly to changing workplace situations.
  • Easy and intuitive positioning of the supply unit thanks to sensor-equipped handles (touch-sensitivity concept), which enable a quick reaction in critical situations: just grasping a single handle is enough to release all brakes of the arm system and immediately reposition the supply unit.
  • With a few simple steps, the handles can also be individually adapted to specific work processes or retrofitted on site.
  • Uniform and consistent medical workplaces with a uniform operating philosophy, using Dräger-Dräger solutions with, e.g., anaesthesia or ventilation equipment.

Effective infection prevention

​Did you know that 20 to 30 % of nosocomial infections could be prevented with suitable hygiene measures?

Breaking the chain of contamination is an important step in preventing nosocomial infections. Ambia supports easy and effective cleaning with rounded profiles, smooth materials and closed housings. Reprocessing instructions and a wide range of disposable accessories help to minimise the risk of infections.

  • Rounded profiles, smooth materials and the closed housings prevent the accumulation of disinfectants and thus ensure easy and effective cleaning. 
  • Ambia is treatable with the same validated disinfectants as other Dräger devices due to its material resistance.
  • Various cable management solutions ensure a well-organised, tidy workplace and thus facilitate the cleaning process. 
  • Touchless control of working light, ceiling and floor light.
3. Tim Springer, Ph.D. President HERO, Inc.; Knoll: Ergonomics for the Healthcare Environment
4. Gastmeier P et al., How many nosocomial infections are avoidable? Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 2010; 135(03): 91 – 93


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Ambia Product Information, en


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Ambia short brochure, en


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