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Area Control Unit and VoluCount® Area-Control-Units

Area Control Unit and VoluCount®

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Area Control Unit and VoluCount®

The Area Control Unit monitors and controls medical gas and vacuum pressures for individual hospital departments. In addition, it offers a complete range of consumption monitoring and alarm management integration options.

Area Control Units

Shut-off valve control unit for departmental control of gas distribution for maintenance or emergency situations

  • Controls 1 to 5 gases with minimal space requirements
  • Patented emergency access button
  • Electronic pressure sensor
  • Component of the Dräger Alarm Management System
  • Optional integrated consumption monitoring
  • Modular design for connection to external monitoring systems
  • Transmission of all alarm messages and pressure measurements
  • Compliance with EN ISO 7396-1

Smart design

The Area Control Units can be integrated both technically and visually in any hospital department. The display unit can be individually labeled with the gas type and the department monitored. Pressure levels, operating and alarm signals can always be clearly identified.

Multifunctional use

From one to five gases and vacuum lines can be routed through the Area Control Unit, depending on your individual needs. The compact, stainless steel unit can be easily integrated into drywalls or mounted in or on conventional walls.

Use in case of emergency

In case of emergency, the door of the Area Control Unit can be opened by pushing in the emergency access button. The clearly organized valves can then be quickly and safely shut off. If the gas supply has been interrupted, the emergency inlets can be used to connect local external gas sources.

Optional consumption monitoring

The VoluCount option can be fully integrated into the Area Control Unit and connected to your Building Management System. The VoluCount option comes with your choice of calibrated sensors for air, O2, N2O, CO2 and Surgical Air and enables detailed consumption monitoring of each gas. VoluCount allows individual adjustment of measurement ranges and alarm thresholds. Measurements can be transferred to external monitoring systems. The control display is accessible only to authorized persons.

Reliable monitoring

Pressure sensors electronically monitor all gas pressures. Optical and acoustic alarm functions immediately indicate any malfunction. Pressures are displayed independent of the power supply.

Flexible integration

The Area Control Unit can be equipped with various interface modules which can transfer the alarm and pressure measurements to an external monitoring system. Relay modules provide potential-free contacts for each alarm signal. The alarm system interface connects to the Area Control Unit into the Alarm Management System. Any alarm in any hospital department can then be displayed and all alarm signals and analog pressure measurements can be transferred to a central control system.

Effective cost control

Since VoluCount records the consumption of each gas, it allows you to control your costs more precisely, enabling you to pinpoint potential savings and plan ahead in greater detail. It is even easier to identify and correct any leakage problems.


Product information: Area Control Unit and VoluCount® (PDF)
Product information: Area Control Unit and VoluCount® (PDF)

Area Control Units from Dräger monitor the medical gas and vacuum pressures of all functional departments within the hospital.


GMS System Brochure, en
GMS System Brochure, en

Because every breath is vital - Dräger Gas Management Systems for hospitals.


IFU Area control unit (5 gases) 9038611 ME
IFU Area control unit (5 gases) 9038611 ME

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