Flash-over training systems, wood fired Fire Simulation Systems

Flash-over training systems, wood fired

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Flash-over training systems, wood fired

Dräger Flash-over training systems facilitate training using realistic fire scenarios.

Real behavior during fires

The development of fire from the initial source of ignition to the break-out of smoke can be observed and the necessary behaviors and extinguishing types can be taught.

Proven training design

The exercise follows a proven design: Before the exercise the fire room is lined with chip board. An initial fire is then ignited with fire wood. The intensity of the developing fire in the training system is controlled via the induction air flow by opening the access doors or operating the air valve.

Detecting the symptoms of a flash-over

A flash-over is very rare. However, when a flash-over happens, the correct behavior is life-saving. The trainees learn how to detect the signs of a flash-over here.

Safe training conditions

An external optical alarm system, a pull cord for triggering an emergency alarm and a door between the fire and observation areas provides a maximum of safety. The system is built in accordance with DIN 14097 part 3 for wood fired systems.

Getting accustomed to heat - heat acclimatisation

Within the flash-over container temperatures of up to 650 °C develop near the top. Here the fire fighters can experience the heat of a real fire in safe conditions.

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