Dräger HPS®-COM

​The Dräger HPS®-COM is a robust, easy-to-install communication unit for firefighting helmets. Thanks to the latest technology, it delivers excellent audio performance. You can choose between two different base units and four microphone options, suitable for a wide range of application scenarios.

The first choice for firefighting and rescue operations

​The Dräger HPS®-COM was specially developed for firefighting helmets as a reliable communication unit for use in extreme conditions, especially firefighting and rescue operations. Together with the Dräger HPS® 7000 full-shell helmet, this headset is approved as a system according to EN 443. The headset also has an IP67 protection class for resistance against dust and splash water and meets the requirements of European Directive 2014/34/EU for explosion protection (ATEX).

Excellent speech quality

​The HPS®-COM has the best audio performance in its class. The integrated speaker delivers excellent speech quality with a PESQ value of 4.2. By comparison, transmitted speech is significantly higher than with the GSM mobile radio standard with a PESQ value between 3.1 and 3.5. The HPS®-COM offers outstanding performance across the entire frequency spectrum of human speech, so that every radio call is reproduced optimally.

Modular system, individually configurable

​Thanks to its modular concept, you can choose between two different base units: the Dräger HPS®-COM or the Dräger HPS®-COM dual. You can also individually configure these units with different microphones as desired:

  • The HPS®-COM Boom microphone delivers the best speech comprehensibility even in loud environments. This directional premium gooseneck microphone facilitates communication reliably thanks to its noise cancelling function. Disruptive noise from your surroundings (for example, from fire ventilators or vehicle pumps) is automatically filtered out, so that only your voice is transmitted. It enables you to give and receive clear instructions even in stressful firefighting operations.
  • The HPS®-COM Short microphones gives you maximum freedom of movement. The short omnidirectional gooseneck microphone easily picks up your voice from outside of visual range and transmits it reliably to the wireless device. This allows you to communicate with ease even in confined space conditions (such as when entering containers or confined spaces).
  • Two different types of bone conduction microphone (skull/throat mic) enable speech transmission that is entirely independent from the environment. Due to its position on the head or next to the throat, a receiver mechanically absorbs the sound of your voice directly via bone conduction.

Respond as the situation demands

​With the Dräger HPS®-COM dual you are always instantly ready to respond as the situation demands. You can switch between the connected microphone and the integrated skull microphone during operation, by simply pushing the front boom microphone to the parking position. The audio signal from the skull microphone is then automatically transmitted. Thanks to this feature, the HPS®-COM dual combines the benefits of airborne sound and bone conduction microphones in one unit. This offers you extensive flexibility and freedom of movement, all while transmitting speech regardless of what is going on around you.

Safe and protected with one easy movement

​The parking position of the HPS®-COM gives you freedom to move when you need it. For undisturbed work when not using the boom or short microphone, simply push the microphone to the parking position in the helmet. This mutes the microphone and secures it for safe keeping until the next time it is needed. The microphone is fully ready for use again with just one easy movement. With the HPS®-COM dual, the additional skull microphone is activated when the boom microphone is moved to this position. The robust design (IP67 and 2014/34/EU – ATEX) of the HPS®-COM and the protection provided by the intelligent positioning inside the helmet ensure that the unit has a high durability.

Fast and easy to attach (click & go)

​Thanks to the integrated clip made of robust steel, you can simply click the Dräger HPS®-COM into our Dräger HPS® 7000 firefighting helmet with no tools needed. Then just insert the four-pin Nexus plug into your control unit (Dräger C-C440 / C-C550). Equipping yourself on the way to a firefighting operation is therefore fast and easy. The time-saving attachment and removal also make it easy to exchange HPS®-COM units between different users. The unit itself is designed to be low maintenance. No batteries are needed thanks to passive electronics. Removing the unit is fast and simple, and no tools are needed. This saves valuable time when cleaning the helmet. Soiling on the HPS®-COM can be fully removed with a moist cloth and a mild cleaning agent.

Compatible with your radio and helmet system

​The four-pin Nexus plug makes the Dräger HPS®-COM communication unit universal. The standardised interface to the Dräger C-C440 (push-to-talk) and C-C550 (speaker/microphone unit with push-to-talk) control units allows for virtually any option in terms of what radio device is used: more than 350 different models can be connected – giving you a flexible range of choices. The communication unit connects perfectly to the Dräger HPS® 7000 firefighting helmet.


HPS-COM Product Information, en
HPS-COM Product Information, en

The Dräger HPS®-COM is a robust, easy-to-install communication unit for firefighting helmets. Thanks to the latest technology, it delivers excellent audio performance. You can choose between two different base units and four microphone options, suitable for a wide range of application scenarios.


IFU HPS-COM, HPS-COM dual, HPS-COM double - 9300099 de-me
IFU HPS-COM, HPS-COM dual, HPS-COM double - 9300099 de-me

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