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Industrial exercises

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Industrial exercises

Dräger Training systems support fire departments and other emergency teams when training for assignments that occur daily. Different facilities prepare the teams for different industrial scenarios.


Every facility is projected and realised specifically according to customer wishes.

Filling with compressed air

The option of filling the facility with compressed air enables a realistic and yet safe process. Leakages in piping systems can thus be simulated.

Flexible use

The system can be adapted to individual requirements. It is extremely variable as different types of pipes can be simulated with it. Since the fixings of the tubes are next to one another, it saves space and can be mounted to a wall.

Industrial piping

With the piping training systems, working on gas and water pipes can be practiced, such as sealing leakages. In this simulation for wearers of respiratory protection, exercises with or without a chemical protection suit can be performed.

Connection and piping training

The facilities can be equipped with different connections such as tank truck, tank wagon, gas connection or pipe thread connections, but also with pipes or tank farms. They are also available as mobile, drivable versions.

Sealing cushion training

This system can be integrated into an existing obstacle course, or put up separately. For this purpose, the appropriate step plates are substituted for hollow blocks such as manhole seals. The hollow blocks are pressurized with compressed air during the training from a lower base plate and must be sealed with a sealing cushion. A visual signal confirms successful sealing.

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