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Infinity® Gamma XL

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Infinity® Gamma XL

This compact vital signs bedside/transport monitor operates as a standalone device or as part of the Infinity Network, supporting adult, pediatric and neonatal patients hospital-wide. 8.4” (210 mm) colour screen; optional wireless network connection.

Compact and lightweight

Infinity Gamma XL is a compact vital signs monitor that can operate as a standalone device or as part of the Infinity Network. It provides a full set of the most commonly used parameters for monitoring adult, paediatric and neonatal patients and is ideal for low- to mid-acuity care environments.

Standard parameters include ECG, basic arrhythmia, Respiration, pulse rate, temperature, noninvasive blood pressure and SpO2 (Optional: Infinity® Masimo SET® SmartPod® with Masimo’s SpO2 algorithm, known for accuracy during low perfusion and most types of patient movement).

The Gamma XL has an 8.4” (210mm) colour screen and displays up to 4 channels. ​

Seamless wired-to-wireless networking

Infinity Gamma XL monitors can be networked, moving seamlessly from wired at the bedside to wireless for easy patient transport. (Wireless network connection is optional.) Patient information collected at the bedside and on transport can flow through the Infinity Network to the Infinity CentralStation for central surveillance and to the Innovian® patient data management system for automatic charting.

Infinity Gamma XL supports a state-of-the-art wireless card that offers enhanced security (WPA2) and Wi-Fi (820.11g) technology for wider bandwidth. With Dräger, you can take advantage of the Infinity OneNet architecture – an innovative shared infrastructure approach that integrates patient monitoring systems into existing hospital-wide wired and wireless networks, rather than requiring a separate network. ​

Pick and Go® supports transport efficiency

Infinity Gamma XL incorporates Dräger’s patented Pick and Go technology, which enables this bedside monitor to double as a transport monitor within the hospital. Infinity monitors provide seamless wired-to-wireless networking, so surveillance can be continuous. There’s no waiting for a transport monitor. No disconnection or reconnection of leads. No gaps in monitoring or data acquisition. As a result, all parameters that were monitored at the bedside can continue to be monitored on transport. The Gamma XL can automatically store events that occur while on transport and can print them upon docking, reducing the need for recorder during transport. ​


Infinity EEG Pod PI 9066053, EN
Infinity EEG Pod PI 9066053, EN

The Infinity EEG Pod augments the neurological monitoring capabilities of Infinity patient monitors with diagnostic-quality EEG data. Using patented smart technology, the Infinity EEG Pod captures and processes EEG data.


Infinity MultiMed 12 Pod Product Information, en
Infinity MultiMed 12 Pod Product Information, en

The Infinity® MultiMed® 12 pod augments the cardiology monitoring capabilities of Infinity patient monitors with diagnostic-quality, 12-lead ECG data. Using an ergonomic Dräger Medical design, the MultiMed 12 captures patient ECG information digitally and makes it available to Infinity monitors and the Infinity Central Station.


Surgical Display Controller PI 9051685, EN
Surgical Display Controller PI 9051685, EN

The Surgical Display Controller enables you to display patient vital sign information on a large-screen display in the Operating Room (OR). Using the monitor’s control menus, you can easily set up and store screen configurations that remain independent from that of the monitor.


Accessory Catalogue 2023, en
Datasheet: Infinity® MultiMed® 12 Pod (PDF)
Infinity etCO2 Microstream SmartPod PI 9066078, EN
Infinity Bedside Solutions BR 9051805, EN

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