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Innovian® Solution Suite

Automatically collect, present and store data from vital signs monitors, ventilators and other attached medical devices, then access this information over the Web.

Web-based clinical information system

​Innovian® is a Web-based clinical information system designed for care givers who need access to patient information at the bedside, as well as from remote locations. Innovian continually captures vital data from perioperative and critical care medical devices and information systems and integrates that data into one easy-to-navigate interface for you to quickly access anywhere via your hospital network.

Comprehensive reporting capabilities

​Innovian® Reporting is the business intelligence capability of Innovian. It lets you easily review performance or track the deployment and consumption of vital resources with near-real-time, actionable information. When you add Innovian® Reporting to Innovian Perioperative Care or Innovian Critical Care, you can perform ad hoc queries, create custom reports, and generate analyses from the shared archive database.

Deploy centrally, access remotely

​Because Innovian® modules are Web-based, they can be deployed, configured, managed and upgraded centrally – without time-consuming visits to the desktop. Clinicians can access the system, and the vital patient data it contains, from any browser-equipped device on the hospital LAN or WAN.

Continuous data collection – even during transport

​Using Dräger’s Pick and Go® monitors, Innovian even captures vital signs data during patient transport. So whether your patient is moving between the OR and ICU, being taken to Radiology or the Cath Lab, or is simply changing beds in the ICU, data collection is continuous. That’s because Innovian is tightly integrated with Infinity® monitors that offer Dräger’s proprietary Pick and Go technology, which enables the same monitor to be undocked from the Infinity Docking Station and go on transport with the patient. When the patient returns or is moved to a new bed, the monitor is redocked and data collected on transport automatically refills into the Innovian database.

Common platform for Critical Care and Perioperative Care

Innovian® is built on a state-of-the-art, industry-standard platform and offers specialised options for Critical Care and Perioperative Care. This common platform enables the system to continually capture vital data from medical devices and information systems as the patient moves from one care area to another. It integrates that data into one easy-to-navigate interface that provides immediate access to the information you need – when you need it.

Innovian Critical Care:
In the ICU, care is given around the clock. That’s why it is essential to support your staff in administering, documenting and planning care. Innovian® Critical Care helps you address this challenge.

The moment the patient enters the ICU, Innovian Critical Care starts collecting patient information for the electronic record. It can reference the anaesthesia protocol and automatically chart parameters from medical devices, lab data, fluid balances and more. Innovian Critical Care replaces most of your paper-based documentation. Once the system is implemented in the ICU, your staff can access it from anywhere in the hospital via the Web.

Innovian Perioperative Care:
Innovian® Perioperative Care enhances and extends Dräger’s market-leading OR/Anaesthesia information management systems by adding Web-based capabilities. This comprehensive IT solution covers scheduling, Pre-Op, induction, Intra-Op and PACU, and is integrated with Dräger’s ICU solution, Innovian Critical Care.
As a result, you gain access to patient-centric perioperative documentation and have a continuous, seamless flow of integrated information between the OR and the ICU.


Innovian Solution Suite Brochure
Innovian Solution Suite Brochure

Streamlined access to vital patient information.


Innovian Perioperative Care Datasheet
Innovian Perioperative Care Datasheet

In the perioperative environment, you need rapid access to anesthesia protocols across the acute point of care. Now you can have scheduling, Pre-Op, induction, Intra-Op and PACU information right at the tip of your fingers.


Innovian Critical Care Datasheet
Innovian Critical Care Datasheet

The more information you have about your patients, the better informed decisions you can make. Now you can give critical care teams easy access to vital patient information – both at the point of care and remotely over the Web.


Innovian Reporting Datasheet
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