Medical Air Guard

Seamlessly monitor and document the purity of medical compressed air. The Medical Air Guard monitors impurities as defined by the European Pharmacopoeia and ISO 7396-1.

Medical Air Guard

The Medical Air Guard system continuously measures the percentage of trace gases as well as the oxygen concentration in medical compressed air and immediately displays the values. The system automatically issues an alarm as soon as a threshold is crossed. In addition, measurement data can all be continuously and seamlessly documented.

  • Continuous monitoring of the purity of medical compressed air
  • Automatic alarm when thresholds are exceeded
  • Compatible with Dräger Alarm Management System
  • Seamless documentation capability
  • All-purpose; upgradeable at any time

Continuous trace gas and oil contamination monitoring

The new Medical Air Guard uses technology tested and certified by Dräger Medical to measure the concentration of various gases in medical air delivered by a compressor. Electrochemical sensors measure the relative levels of CO, SO2, NO2 and O2, while an infrared sensor determines the concentration of CO2. A special ceramic sensor is used to monitor extremely low dew points. A newly developed oil sensor can now continuously monitor residual oil levels. A display shows the current measurement value from each sensor.

Seamless documentation

Thanks to its exceptional integration capability, the Medical Air Guard offers completely new options for evaluation and documentation. Measurements and triggered alarms can all be transmitted to your building management center via the Dräger Alarm Management System. An optional data logger for the seamless documentation of data and measurement curves is also available.

Ensuring medical air purity

The purity of compressed air for medical applications is defined in the European Pharmacopoeia. This makes hospital pharmacists responsible for monitoring compressed air as a pharmaceutical. The Medical Air Guard system enables continuous and fully automatic monitoring of the purity of gases and water vapor, and reliably generates an alert even if impurities are transient in nature. Furthermore, its central evaluation unit can seamlessly document all measured values.

Individual alarms

The Medical Air Guard is equipped with a central, processor-controlled alarm unit to evaluate measurements and transmit any alarms. It immediately detects any deviation from the thresholds set by the European Pharmacopoeia and triggers an alarm accordingly. Alarms can be transmitted either through potential-free contacts or via the Dräger Alarm Management System. This allows alarms to be displayed on Dräger alarm monitors anywhere in the hospital.

Customer-specific alarm thresholds higher than those set by the European Pharmacopoeia can also be individually defined and reliably monitored.


Medical Air Guard Product Information, en
Medical Air Guard Product Information, en


Brochure: Medical Air System (PDF)
Brochure: Medical Air System (PDF)

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GMS System Brochure, en
GMS System Brochure, en

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