Dräger Mini-Verticus MV III

Economical and compact: the sound-proofed Dräger Mini-Verticus MV III complete station delivers up to 250 litres of breathing air per minute.

The ideal companion

Offering air supply capacities of 150 L/min up to 250 L/min, the sound-proofed (68 + -2 dB (A) high-pressure breathing air compressor Dräger Mini-Verticus MV III is the ideal companion for fire brigades, which attach importance to reliable operation and longevity as well as low costs of ownership. Due to the vertical design, the device is very space-saving.

Intelligent design and state-of-the-art technologies

Compressor blocks with heavy-duty, extremely robust engines are suitable for smooth operation even under difficult climatic conditions due to the optimized cooling. The sophisticated air guide intake through the housing ensures the efficient heat dissipation. The fan wheel with advanced geometry wings provides more pressure for an even better cooling performance. Wear and tear are reduced to a minimum due to the additional oil cooling in the final compressor stage, thus allowing for a longer service life.

Innovative materials for durable installations

Innovative materials (e.g. hardened cylinders with special plateau element and piston rings made of high-tech plastic in the final stage) offer outstandingly good wear values and also minimize the oil consumption. The robust low-pressure oil pump with oil filter is characterized by a longer service life and greater oil change intervals.

Easy to use and optimum serviceability

Only a few steps are required for the filling of the breathing air cylinders. The components and elements of the device such as condensate automatic and filter monitoring make the operation easy, while providing a good quality of breathing air.

Equipment options

  • Switch-over facility for PN 225/330 bar operation
  • Supplied without cylinder filling mechanism for operation with an external filling panel
  • Filter system P61 for an even longer endurance of the filter cartridges

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