Dräger Mobile Printer BT

​The Dräger Mobile Printer BT facilitates wireless printing from any compatible Dräger testing device within a 15-metre radius. You secure the small, lightweight mobile printer to your belt with a retaining clip. It is easy to operate, using only two buttons. Illuminated symbols provide you with information about the status of the device.

Convenient Bluetooth® communication

​The Dräger Mobile Printer BT is a Bluetooth® printer. This type of connection enables you to print from any compatible Dräger testing device within a radius of up to 15 metres. Simply position the printer within range of the Dräger testing device as the situation requires: whether up-close or further away.

Easy pairing

​The Dräger Mobile Printer BT uses near field communication (NFC) technology. To pair it with another NFC-compatible device, simply hold the two Bluetooth® devices up to each other.

Light weight

The printer weighs only 250 grams (including battery and paper), so it can easily be carried on a utility belt. Now, you can make printouts any time without having to interrupt your workflow.

Easy to operate

​The device is extremely easy to operate, using only two buttons: the OK button switches the printer on and off. The other button controls the paper feeder. Push both buttons simultaneously to perform a self-test on the printer. The three illuminated LED symbols indicate the current status of the device: error messages, battery charge level and Bluetooth® connectability.


Mobile Printer BT Product Information, en
Mobile Printer BT Product Information, en


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