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Draeger Opera

Function, hygiene and illumination in harmony The Dräger Opera combines the functionality of a ceiling supply unit with a comprehensive illumination concept – specifically designed to meet your changing operating room workflow demands. The Opera works together with your existing ceiling airflow system to help insure that the strict standards of operating room hygiene are observed.

Designed to meet the highest standards

The Opera represents a new paradigm in operating room design. Opera works together with your laminar air flow ceiling system, protecting the operating area, and helps reducing the concentration of airborne contaminants. It also provides you with much of the functionality of a ceiling supply unit, keeping devices and accessories off the floor and letting you configure electrical and gas terminal units and IT connections as needed. A wide range of illumination options completes this highly customizable system.
The advantages at a glance:

  • Suitable for use in class Ia operating rooms according to DIN 1946-4
  • Compatible with your laminar air flow ceiling systems
  • L, U, or O configurations - all available in square or rectangular
  • Loading capacity up to 300 kg for workstations and accessories
  • Flexible workstation positioning along the entire system thanks to rotary corners
  • High installation capacity: Up to 240 slots for terminal units for medical gases, electricity, and IT - individually configurable according to country-specific standards
  • Flexible indirect lighting options
  • Optional audio entertainment system

Workplace configuration

The Dräger Opera beams provide you with up to 300 kg of loading capacity on two sets of roller rail systems and one optional outside medical equipment rail.
You can configure and organize your workstations and accessories on rack or pole systems, keeping them off the floor. Thanks to integrated rotary corners, the shuttles on the underside main roller rail system can be positioned as required along the entire system.
The inside roller rail system is designed to accommodate additional equipment such as monitors or a purisole lift along the beam.
An optional medical equipment rail mounted on the outside of each beam lets you attach and position additional accessories.

Hygiene for the operating field and surrounding area

To save energy, most ceiling ventilation systems use approx. 70% recirculated and 30% fresh air. Following filtration, the air is fed through a supply grille and then guided by a flow stabilizer* down around the operating area in the form of a laminar curtain. This curtain of very pure, low-turbulence air is an effective barrier against airborne bacteria and other possible contaminants. The glass shielding* above the supply beams protect the airflow pattern from turbulence. This creates a stable clean zone in which bacterial concentrations of less than 10 CFU/m3 can be achieved – ideal for procedures where sterility is of the utmost importance.

Comprehensive connectivity

The Dräger Opera provides up to 240* slots for terminal units for gases, electricity, and IT connections, all conveniently placed on both the inner and outer beam siding. An optional audio entertainment system is also available. The Opera is a Class IIb medical product and conforms to the DIN EN ISO 11197 standard.
* For units with O-configuration, maximum beam length and installations on both beam sides.

Flexible and efficient or-illumination concept

For the illumination of the operating field, we recommend the use of the Polaris models, which take advantage of high-power LED technology and conform to the standards for operating field illumination.
For the area surrounding the operatingfield, the Opera gives you a wide range of indirect lighting options to choose from:

  • Indirect white fluorescent lighting modules which are either dimmable, switchable, or both; installation is possible on both the inside and outside of the beam
  • Dimmable green LED lighting for endoscopic or MIS procedures
  • A RGB (red, green, blue) lighting package that lets you configure up to 11 lighting environments, including the simulation of winter and summer seasonal atmospheres
  • Optional energy-saving night/orientation light

With the new Opera illumination concept, you can configure the brilliant yet comfortable environment you need for nearly any application.

Opera: Multiple applications, one system.

The Dräger Opera:

  • helps you maintain operating room hygiene,
  • gives you the flexibility to cover a wide range of anesthesia and surgical applications,
  • allows you to configure your workplace as you need it with the lighting concept you prefer. All with one system.

Ask your Dräger representative for more information. He or she can help you configure the Opera to suit your individual requirements.


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