Polaris® 50

The Polaris® 50 is ideal for everyday hospital life, which is becoming more and more challenging. Whether it is in the examination room, in intensive care or in the OR-induction room – the Polaris® 50 always provides high-contrast, colour-stable light. In addition, the treatment light is flexible to handle and easy to use so that you can make the right decisions more quickly.

Main benefits

The Polaris® 50 meets the highest requirements for high-quality lighting in medical locations. LEDs of the newest generation generate a light intensity of up to 80,000 lux. With a colour temperature of 4,500 K in the neutral white range, the Polaris® 50 gives you a true-color view of the treatment area. The colour rendering index of Ra = 95 and R9 = 90 also guarantees high visibility of details. Colour nuances in the illuminated tissue therefore appear natural and rich in contrast so that you can easily focus on your work.

The Polaris® 50 is a powerful solution for everyday use. Thanks to its low maintenance requirements and high reliability, the light system guarantees many years of operation at minimal costs. For example: The LEDs reduce the heat intensity at the light head and thus increase its efficiency. They consume only a fraction of the energy compared to conventional halogen bulbs. The installed high-performance LEDs have a service life of up to 50,000 hours, enabling significant cost reductions.

“Versatile in its function and area of application” – this is the motto of the Polaris® 50 minor surgical light. You decide where and how you want to use the light: as a stand-alone ceiling, wall or mobile version or in combination with Dräger supply units at a central mounting. The numerous combination options enable you to save space and design workplaces from the treatment room via the OR to the intensive care unit exactly for their specific purpose.

Arm System

The Polaris® 50 arm system – consisting of axis and spring arm – enables you to position the light anywhere you want. In addition, three joints of the Polaris® 50 can be rotated a full 360°. This gives you freedom of movement and saves time. Thanks to its sophisticated mechanical system, the light can be easily operated or adjusted with one hand.

Two adaptation options are available for different space requirements: the ceiling tube, which can be individually shortened, and an optional suspended ceiling adapter for installation on suspended ceilings.

Functional Design

The functional design of the Polaris® 50 convinces with its compact form and robust components. It enables quick and efficient cleaning. The handle can be removed and sterilised. Individual components and the LED module itself can be professionally serviced by a Dräger service technician if required. The light intensity is continuously adjustable via a dimming wheel which can be easily operated with one hand without accidentally changing the position of the light.

Workplace Design

The best light is useless if it is not where you need it. For this reason, the Dräger Polaris® 50 system is extremely flexible and can be mounted almost anywhere – as a stand-alone version on ceilings and walls (e.g. in treatment rooms) and suspended in combination with Dräger supply units (e.g. in the recovery room). Combination with a display (e.g. for emergency rooms) is also possible.

In addition, installing the Polaris® 50 on a three-arm mounting system enables you to make the most of confined spaces (e.g. in the intensive care unit). The Polaris® 50 is also available as a mobile version that can be used as an additional treatment light in general rooms, the OR section or operating rooms. The trolley of the mobile light is equipped with practical locking brakes and hooks for the power cable.


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Accessory Catalogue 2024, en


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Planning Document OR, en


Polaris 50 Product Information, en

Technical Data

Examination Lights

Operational Application
Also approved as minor surigical light

Technical Data

Illumination intensity
80000 lx
Brightness adjutment
20 - 100 % (dimmer fuction)
Colour temperature
4500 Kelvin
Colour Rendering Index
Ra= 95, R9= 90
Service life of LED
50000 hours
Power supply
100 - 240 V (AC)


Sterilisable handle
Mobile, ceiling and wall mountings
Memory function

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