Step up to the high standard of anaesthesia workstations and experience new levels of performance, efficiency and safety.

Personal anaesthesia assistant

The Dräger Primus® was designed to be nothing less than your personal anaesthesia assistant. It’s a combination of time-tested design and state-of-the-art technology created to answer the demand for a modern, comprehensive anaesthesia solution for today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment.

Common operating philosophy

The Primus® uses the familiar user interface and operating philosophy common to all current Dräger medical devices. This means that in spite of its impressive level of sophistication, your staff will spend a minimum amount of time learning how to use the Primus.

Enhanced workflow

Features like fully automatic self-check, open architecture, standard user interfaces and flexible monitoring options were designed to help reduce costs, save time and allow caregivers to focus on their primary task – the patient.

ICU standard ventilation

An increasing percentage of critically ill patients in the operating room calls for new standards in anaesthesia platforms. With the E-Vent® plus high-speed electronic piston ventilator, the Primus® delivers just that – peak flow comparable to ICU ventilators while avoiding the need for drive gas. A full range of volume and pressure oriented modes provides the various options for every clinical situation. Additional advanced monitoring and ventilation mode packages are also available that will expand your capabilities.

Comprehensive monitoring

The Dräger Primus​® lets you monitor pulmonary function and ventilation parameters on a large, user-configurable 12,1“TFT colour display. Its open architecture design provides the option to add additional displays, permitting you to expand your monitoring capability to include haemodynamic and other data.

360 Product View

Draeger Primus 360


Primus Product Information, en
Primus Product Information, en


Software Enhancements for the Primus® / Primus IE
Software Enhancements for the Primus® / Primus IE

The Primus® Software enhancements are the result of feedback received from experienced users. More than 30,000 Primus products have been installed worldwide. The innovative changes to the software contribute to even more improvements in patient care – and at the same time increase efficiency and productivity.


Case Study: Norwalk Whitepaper (PDF)
Case Study: Norwalk Whitepaper (PDF)

At this Connecticut hospital, clinicians are reaping the benefits of a multi-tiered platform in one, user-friendly format


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