Dräger fire house

Create training scenarios using realistic scenarios: Dräger fire houses permit the realistic simulation of fire behavior in houses, industry or commercial buildings across several rooms and stories.

Customer-specific solution

The fire house is designed in accordance with customer-specific requirements. Almost every object can be simulated when selecting the locations of the fire. Different building areas can be operated independently of each other. The simulation system can also be retrofitted into an existing building. We coordinate all structures up to the operational handover to the customer.

Control technology

The system is operated via a control panel with push buttons and a panel monitor which indicates system status. Alternatively, a control is possible via a PC. In this case the fire simulation system with all its fire locations is displayed on the monitor. The operator can enable the fire locations individually. All sensors, motors, valves etc. are connected directly via a bus system to a programmable logic controller (PLC). The fire locations are ignited by the trainer using wireless remote control after having been enabled at the control panel or PC. Flame height can also be set using this remote control. Each fire location is triggered individually.

Safe training conditions

The highest safety level of the individual fire locations and the training system as a whole is secured by the implementation of the safety requirements and the Dräger monitoring and control systems. Every system is tested by the TÜV before being handed over to the customer.

Realistic training conditions

Confronting the trainees with real flames, strong heat, high humidity, severely restricted visibility due to thick smoke, and stress, the Dräger training system simulates emergencies through realistic practical experiences. An automatic extinguishing success control immediately shows the trainees whether they have fought the fire correctly.

Training versions

The fire houses permit a multitude of different simulations, including flash-over, such as the following fire scenarios:

  • Gas meter or gas cylinder
  • Shelf
  • Cable duct
  • Ceiling
  • Window
  • Stairway
  • Kitchen
  • Workbench or settee
  • Roof
  • Outdoor gas tank
Every real object can practically be simulated as a fire location.

Environmentally friendly

The Dräger fire simulation systems are operated with clean burning propane gas.

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