Dräger RZ 7000

Easy to use: With the Dräger RZ 7000 you can carry out the function and leak tests of the Dräger PSS® BG 4 plus easier and faster than ever before.

Ready to use immediately

After the test device is switched on, an automatic sensor zero reset is conducted - the device is then ready to use. Through the new self-locking adaptor, the Dräger PSS BG 4 is connected to the test device securely and without additional fittings during the entire test procedure.

Built-in pump

Through the built-in pump with aluminium handle and stainless steel shaft you can immediately produce positve pressure. After one turn of the switch the pump produces negative pressure making further switching unnecessary.

Five position switch

With the switch you set the pump direction and can also use the device for the leak test. By selecting flow measurement the display is automatically switched to the flow sensor and the measurement is started without additional intervention. The quick venting position allows removal of air from the device without disconnecting the Dräger PSS BG 4.

New display

The illuminated display shows the current pressure and the pressure saved at the start and end of the test. During the leak test the timer shows the remaining test time and automatically calculates the difference between the start and end pressures. Alternatively, you can set the display up to show only current pressure and timer.


The Dräger RZ 7000 mobile test device is integrated in a compact case. The robust housing is IP54 certified against dust and splash water and is ready to use anywhere for at least 24 hours without an external power source thanks to the lithium ion battery. In addition, the configurable auto-shutoff extends the usage time. Of course, the device can also be used while being charged.

PC Software

Optionally the test device can be operated in combination with the Dräger Protector Software (version 5.0 and higher), so that the test results are documented and automatic progress control of the test intervals takes place. The test records can be printed immediately or can be requested at a later time.

Delivery options

The testing capabilities can be extended to respiratory face masks with RP connection with the optional test head. In addition, the table mounting fixture offers secure mounting of the RZ 7000 in the workshop. To keep the device ready to use when on the road, a car charger offers power supply on the way.

Longer calibration interval

The 24 month* calibration minimizes maintenance effort of the Dräger RZ 7000.

*Subject to local regulations.


Product information: Dräger RZ 7000 (PDF)
Product information: Dräger RZ 7000 (PDF)

Easy to use: With the Dräger RZ 7000 you can carry out the function and leak tests of the Dräger PSS® BG 4 plus easier and faster than ever before.


Protector Software V8.3.1
Protector Software V8.3.1


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