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Alcohol and Drug Testing Devices

For many decades, we have gained knowledge and experience in the fields of breath alcohol and drug testing. We are a world leader in the field of alcohol testing with most police forces in the world using Dräger alcohol breathalyser, evidential alcohol tester and drug testing devices.
For years, Dräger's alcohol and drugs screening devices have helped police identify law breakers, defuse confrontations and bring watertight evidence to court. Our stringent quality controls ensure on-site drug and alcohol testing equipment delivers reliable results.

The vehicle immobiliser helps convicted offenders to control their driving habit. Equally important, our alcohol and drug testing instruments can help to improve the workplace safety of employees and material.

Alcohol screening devices

Dräger Alcotests are easy to use alcohol screening devices. They perform pre-tests in police, industrial and personal applications fast, reliably, and hygienically. The breathalysers also provide data storage for quick access to past test results.


  • Key Facts
  • Data storage
  • Print option
  • Charging of rechargeable batteries in device
  • Tests Modes
  • Displayed Results
  • Technical Data
  • Measuring range
  • Operating temperature
  • Calibration interval
  • 400 Tests

  • Alcohol concentration value will be shown

  • up to 2.5 mg/L

  • -5°C - 50°C

  • 12 months

  • 500 Tests

  • Device just show "No Alcohol" or "Alcohol"

  • up to 2.5 mg/L

  • -15°C - 50°C

  • 24 months

  • 500 Tests

  • Alcohol concentration value will be shown

  • up to 2.5 mg/L

  • -5°C - 50°C

  • 6 months

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Evidential alcohol testing devices

The fast and hygienic usage and easy handling make Dräger Alcotest evidential devices first choice. Our evidential breath testing devices are trustworthy and allow reliable measurement of the breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) whose results can also be used as as evidence in court.

Evidential Breath Tester

  • Key Facts
  • Handheld use
  • Sensor technology
  • Measurement Range
  • Continous measurement of BrAC
  • Print Option
  • Technical Data
  • Display
  • Display Size (Diagonal)
  • User interface
  • Data entry
  • Regulations
  • OIML R126
  • CE Conformitiy
  • EC Dräger Sensor

  • 0 to 3.0 mg/L

  • With Dräger Mobile Printer

  • Transflective LCD

  • 0.06 m

  • Short Messages

  • With two arrow keys (keyboard only with A8610)

  • EMC Directive Low Voltage Directive RoHS-Directive

  • IR and optional EC Dräger Sensor

  • 0 to 3.0 mg/L

  • Integrated

  • Colour with touchscreen

  • 0.14 m

  • Full Text Messages

  • With full virtual or external keyboard

  • EMC Directive Low Voltage Directive

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Drug testing devices

Dräger drug tester for on-site drug tests provide fast and easy handling and a precise and clear evaluation by testing the saliva. They can be used as mobile and stationary devices for e.g. and point-of-care testing or drug testing at the workplace. Check for up to 8 substance classes simultaneously, e.g. cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, methamphetamines and cannabis (THC). We also offer medical device for in-vitro-diagnostic.

Dräger DrugTest 5000

Dräger DrugTest 5000

No pipetting, no drips, no timing: With the Dräger DrugTest 5000, a drug test is carried out simply and quickly. The collected saliva sample can be analyzed immediately - for accurate results on the spot.

Product details

Vehicle immobiliser

An ignition interlock device is connected to a vehicle’s ignition system and temporally prevents the vehicle from starting if the driver’s breath alcohol concentration exceeds the legally permissible level. Our alcohol interlocks help to protect staff, passengers, and goods from the risks of drink-driving. The user benefits from the easy handling, reliable measuring results and hygienic usage.

Dräger Interlock® 7000

Dräger Interlock® 7000End of Sales

The Dräger Interlock® 7000 is an alcohol ignition interlock device (AIID) which prevents a person under the influence of alcohol from starting the vehicle. The Interlock® 7000 has a quick start-up time. Additionally, the device can be equipped with a camera, a GPS and/or a mobile data transfer module, according to the specific customer ...

Product details

Further interesting facts

Alcohol and drug screening procedures interfere with the privacy of the person being tested. Because of this, it is important for the tests to be conducted quickly and discretely. For the person administering the test, it is particularly important that the procedure can be carried out hygienically. In addition to this, all test results must be carried out quickly, easy to read and ready for analysis at the press of a button.

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Police standard accuracy: Dräger Alcotest 3820 alcohol breathalyser. For those who want to be sure.

  • How many glasses of wine do I actually have? And how much alcohol is in my blood now? Am I still allowed to drive? How long does it take for alcohol to leave my body? Responsible driving starts with pushing a button.

Dräger Interlock® 7000 - Alcohol ignition interlock device “Ready When You Are”

The Dräger Interlock 7000 is an alcohol ignition interlock device which prevents a person under the influence of alcohol from starting the vehicle. This video shows the use of the Interlock, explains the differences between BAC and mouth alcohol and shows how fast the Interlock 7000 reacts.

Needle in a Haystack - Introducing the Dräger DrugTest 5000

Do you know what detecting 0.000000005g of THC is comparable to? No? Then watch this short video and find out!

Overview of alcohol and drug testing devices

Brochure: Devices for police, justice, medical, workplace or personal use
Devices for police, justice, medical, workplace or personal use

This brochure gives product recommendations according to the different applications for police, justice, medical, workplace or personal use and helps you to decide for the best product.

PDF 8.93MB

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Infographic: Dräger DrugTest 5000: Your mobile mini-lab
Dräger DrugTest 5000: Your mobile mini-lab

The Dräger DrugTest 5000 provides comprehensive drug testing and analysis, making it extremely useful in many scenarios. Take a look at this infographic to get a quick overview of feature details and to learn about the many benefits of this device.

PDF 1.26MB

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More about drug and alcohol testing and measurement methods

Whitepaper: As easy as breath alcohol: identifying drugs through presumptive testing
As easy as breath alcohol: identifying drugs through presumptive testing

Today, many simple presumptive tests exist to detect drugs and identify impaired people. See the differences between testing blood, urine, saliva and hair to detect drugs.

PDF 1.59MB

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Dräger Review Special Drugs & Alcohol
The Dräger Review Special on Drugs & Alcohol

From reliable THC detection to effective drug addiction therapies:
Our special edition of the Dräger Review presents more than 70 pages of background information, analyses and interesting facts round the topic of drugs and alcohol.

PDF 7.87MB

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Why you should choose drug and alcohol testing devices from Dräger

Alcohol tests then and now

Since 1953: Preventing Accidents with Alcohol Screening

For decades there was no measuring process available to determine a driver’s level of intoxication quickly and reliably. In 1953, after a party the department manager had an idea: It must be possible to measure alcohol levels through the breath – using Dräger-Tubes. The first attempt is a success. It is possible for the first time to objectively determine with a simple breath test if and to what extent a subject is under the influence of alcohol, without having to conduct a blood test.

Woman using a drug testing

Fast & Accurate Drug Testing That Leaves No Doubt

Dräger drug testing equipment provide quick and easy handling, as well as precise and clear evaluation. It can be used for either mobile or stationary applications. Our devices and diagnostics equipment are totally hygienic and non-invasive – and our stringent quality controls ensure reliable and trustworthy results.

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Our Promise

Dräger offers market leading alcohol and drug detection devices, trainings and services. Easy handling and efficient documentation are a key benefit of Dräger’s devices. In addition, Dräger’s detection technology is unmet in terms of dependability and accuracy. This provides a strong foundation for success in the identification of suspects, prosecution and in front of court.

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