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Full operational readiness

You entrust our products with the safety of your employees and systems. That is why we ensure that they are always working properly: with services which maintain the value of your investment, minimise downtime and support the efficiency of your processes.

We not only know our products, we also know how you use them at work. So we develop individual service solutions which are tailored to meet your requirements. We are here for you. Whenever you need us.

How much service would you like? Your Contract Agreements

We offer a wide range of contract, from a basic maintenance agreement to a full service package or special offers for individual product groups such as gas measurement devices.

Cleaning and Disinfection Care

Cleaning & Disinfection Care

Maintain personal protective equipment in ready-to-use condition at all times: Our specialists perform extensive decontamination and reconditioning of your chemical protection suits and respirators from Dräger or other manufacturers – as needed or as part of a regular professional maintenance in your plant. Regional requirements as well as the manufacturer‘s specifications are taken into consideration and wear parts are replaced when necessary, according to the degree of contamination and exposure to hazardous substances.

Calibration Equipment-X-dock 5300 6300 6600

Calibration Care

Always a precise measurement: Calibration Care ensures that your measurement devices are always perfectly calibrated. Our technicians perform professional and regular calibrations in accordance with your regulatory requirements – in the Dräger shops or directly at your facility. Calibration Care can be booked for portable and stationary gas measurement equipment and for Dräger Alcotest®, Dräger DrugTest® and Dräger Interlock®.

Mechanic is working on a calibration equipment

Software Care

Reliably running programs: Regular updates and fast support ensure that you are always able to work with our software, such as the Dräger X-dock® Manager or Drägerware. Remote maintenance and our hotline assure that every problem is solved quickly.

Worker at maintenance in workshop

Functional Care

Help with the basics: Functional Care ensures that your equipment is inspected properly on a regular basis thus confirming that everything is operating correctly. During this process, our technicians take both regulatory requirements and product specific information from the manufacturer into account. At the same time, Functional Care helps you with the administration and documentation of your maintenance obligations.

Mechanics doing protection and detection and training

Preventive Care

Maintain the value of your safety equipment through preventive care according to the manufacturer’s specifications: Preventive Care guards against wear and extends the service life of your equipment. All functions are tested according to the manufacturer’s specifications and wear parts are replaced preventatively on a regular basis through a comprehensive inspection and testing program. Moreover, your device is also calibrated at your request when necessary. Furthermore, ongoing documentation provides detailed information on the condition of your service shop-maintained equipment at all times.

Worker in front of screens during maintenance

Total Care

Full budget control plus maximum transparency: With the comprehensive Total Care service package, we assume regular maintenance according to the manufacturer’s specifications and your regulatory standards, and also perform extensive repair work* including provisioning of the replacement parts. With Total Care, there are no more unpleasant surprises, which allows you to focus on your core business. Our full service package ensures the highest safety standards with full cost control.

*subject to individual agreement

Workshop in Krefeld

Extended Care

Extended Care significantly extends the manufacturer’s warranty of Dräger products while at the same time increasing cost control and transparency of equipment condition and maintenance history.

Application and staff image service workshop Luebeck

Contract Options

Our service solutions are always customized. Our goal is to make your job easier, to make maintenance tasks plannable and to increase your satisfaction with our products.

The choice is yours: We offer a wide range of additional contract options:

  • Cleaning & Desinfection
  • Fit test
  • Sensor exchange
  • Remote Service
  • Software Update
  • Customized Service reports
  • Logistic/Pick up
  • Priority Service
  • Local requirements
Electrochemical Sensor

Calibration service – get your H2O2 sensors calibrated quickly and reliably

Hydrogen peroxide vapour is used worldwide in many areas and applications for decontamination and sterilisation. H2O2 sensors by Dräger support process validation and help you reliably monitor gas hazards and warn you about them in good time. However, your H2O2 sensors need to be regularly inspected for functionality and accuracy, as well calibrated. This is not possible in the field. This is why Dräger developed a reliable concept many years ago for target gas calibration using H2O2 which satisfies the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Dräger's calibration service offers you the following benefits:

  • Standardised testing processes
  • State-of-the-art workshops
  • Intelligent logistics
  • Highest levels of transparency and safety
In a workshop mechanic maintenance major overhaul

Repair and Maintenance on demand

Although we recommend to choose contract for reasons of efficiency, nonetheless we offer also repair and maintenance on demand services. Our Services at a glance:

  • Inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Spare parts service
  • Regular software maintenance and updates
  • Provisioning of loan equipment shop
  • We also service non-Dräger equipment

At Dräger, it’s the people who make the services most valuable

One product service offer fits all? Far from it! Our product service is more than just a manufacturer offer to maintain your products. Meet Carmela and discover your part.

Dräger Service Solutions

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On-site Safety Service

Shutdown safety service briefing

Shutdown Safety Service

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Rental Service

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