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Our rental equipment for all your needs

As much as necessary, as little as possible: Dräger rental options give you the flexibility you need in your business. The cost of owning equipment doesn’t end with its purchase of the equipment. There are other considerations to be made such as maintenance, storage and general asset management. Renting equipment can often be a more attractive option.

Rental Service at Dräger

Our rental options at a glance

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Rental Basic

Whether you need special safety equipment for a specific task, need to cover a temporary shortage or sporadic peaks in demand: Rental Basic provides ready-to-use equipment and is often even more efficient than buying.

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Rental Advanced

Covering special requirements with rental equipment reduces both the investment budget and operating costs. A convenient service package like Rental Advanced offers maximum flexibility with high transparency: Providing ready-to-use equipment and handling all maintenance, calibration and repair work in a Dräger service shop.

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Rental Professional

Lower costs, higher efficiency and maximum transparency. Rental Professional packages offer a significantly higher level of service – at only marginally higher cost: Comprehensive customer care including providing ready-to-use equipment and performing all necessary maintenance, calibration and repair work at your location.

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Rent the equipment you need

Rental service offers you safety technology from Dräger and other quality providers worldwide in the following fields:

  • Gas measurement technology
  • Personal protection technology
  • Fall protection
  • Ventilation systems
  • Fire protection
  • Communication/lighting/energy
  • Vehicles/construction site set-up
  • Medical/sanitation technology

With a variety of logistics options, we ensure that the requested equipment is at your facility ready for use exactly when you need it.

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Learn more about the advantage to rental products and the trend to a sharing economy also in industrial industries.

Rental equipment catalogue

Dräger Rental Equipment Catalogue

You can find detailed information about all of our products in our Rental Service catalogue. Simply browse online or download.


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