Why safety is more important than ever before

Nobody can afford poorly trained employees these days. The cost pressure is too high and smooth, reliable and efficient processes are too important—especially when it comes to safety.

Managing risks reliably, working more productively and managing your operations safely in all situations: This requires a capable team and a vigorously engrained safety culture. Both are achievable and attainable by training your employees successfully.

Our three areas of training

As much theory as necessary, as much practical training as possible: Dräger training sessions are directly related to the daily experiences and challenges of the participants in their respective plants. The result is a practical approach, which helps the participants quickly transfer their knowledge to real-life situations.

Training situation in a classroom

Products & applications

From gas measurement equipment to personal protective equipment: Learn about the basic features and functions of our devices and systems in compact, product-specific training sessions. The content goes beyond a simple ‘user manual’: It is designed to provide users with a true understanding of the capabilities.

Safety training


How do we train routine processes as well as emergencies in extreme situations under realistic conditions? Participants need to immediately recall and react in cases of hazardous deployments. This is why we have developed simulation systems for fire scenarios and for work in confined spaces and containers. They allow you to train for emergencies under realistic conditions.

Detection and Training workshop


Well-founded expertise for equipment managers and shop personnel: The training participants learn to perform testing, troubleshooting and to initiate or perform the correct measures. With as much theory as necessary and as much practical training as possible, we show how to perform servicing, inspection and maintenance work effectively. Not only does this increase the availability of your devices, but it also helps preserve their value.

Draeger Services Training Safety

Dräger Training Academy: an overview

Our goal is to ensure that knowledge learnt from our courses can be recalled to keep you safe at work at all times – no matter what environment or situation you’re in. With our broad range of training courses, we are always here to support you.

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Request more information on our training courses

Our standard program is only part of what we offer. We are also pleased to offer you training courses and seminars on topics which are not listed. We prepare training concepts for you on the basis of your needs and requests and provide you with consulting on the content and methods to meet your specific requirements.

Confined Space Entry Training

Take a sneak peak at one of our training sessions. Our trainers do not only bring excellent technical expertise with them, they also understand the specific safety requirements of different operations, sectors and regions.

Dräger Service Solutions

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On-site Safety Service

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Shutdown Safety Service

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