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Hydrogen Safety Challenges - Webinar Recording Series

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Webinar series: Hydrogen Safety Challenges

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The production, storage, transport and use of hydrogen holds special safety risks. Watch our five webinars to gain expert knowledge about handling the risks in all process phases. Get valuable safety information and practical insights from our safety experts.

  •   Risk assessment
  •   Plant safety
  •   Gas detection technologies
  •   Personal air monitoring options 
  •   How to handle necessary maintenance works safely and efficiently

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Speaker Profiles

Introducing some of our expert speakers:

More technical experts, safety consultants and product managers are taking part, to help with their expertise and to answer the participants´ questions.


Oliver Bornholdt

Global Business Development Manager

Mr. Bornholdt is with Dräger Safety in Germany since 2018 with 25 years of experience in various industries with technology focus. He was active in developing new business models and launching new smart technologies and IT solutions. Currently he is assessing and developing the safety environment in the hydrogen business. With his background as physicist and a degree in technical management he sets a focus on Fire and Gas detection and a brings dedicated perspective on Safety and Risk Management for the Process Industry.

“Risk assessment and consultancy is the key to excellence in safety.”


Gavin Peacock

Marketing Manager Dräger Region Europe

Mr. Peacock started with Dräger Safety in 2004. In his roles as Project Coordinator and Technical Product and Portfolio Manager he gained extensive knowledge and experience of engineering projects for Fixed Gas Detection devices and systems. With a focus on customers in the Oil & Gas, Energy, Chemical and General Industry, he is an expert in Plant Safety and Fire, and Gas detection applications alongside Mobile Gas Detection, Breathing Protection and other safety-related products and services.

“Plant Safety should not be compromised.”


Aaron Chapman

Marketing Manager Dräger Region Europe

Mr. Chapman joined Dräger in 2001, working in the R&D department, where he developed a range of breathing devices for industrial and firefighting applications. With profound knowledge of Respiratory Protective Devices (RPD) and various safety related industrial applications he is today responsible for the Oil & Gas, Energy and Chemical Industry. He supports our European sales and marketing organisation as expert with application and sales knowledge as well as technical and product expertise for Dräger's industrial product portfolio.

“Knowledge how to handle the critical safety issues can save lives.”


Learn more about how to meet hydrogen safety challenges